Zamal, sativa cannabis from Reunion

the zamal the cannabis sativa of reunion 7

Zamal, the very Sativa local of Reunion Island

Reunion Island has a particularly varied flora. More than 1 species of plants have gradually established themselves through sea currents, cyclones and migrations. With more than 000 micro-climates, soils of different ages, Reunion has special conditions, ideal for the establishment of flora. This is the case with this plant of c, the local, a particular strain, the Zamal.

The history of zamal

The presence of Zamal in Reunion is old. On this small isolated island in the vastness of the Indian Ocean, the natural dispersion of pollen is very small. Native flora tends to maintain stable characteristics over the long term.

Zamal, sativa cannabis from Reunion

In the 19th century, Hindu workers brought in what they called "bakka" or "bonga", aka Indian hemp. Thus the slaves used the zamal during spiritual ceremonies or for personal use as comfort.

“Pockets full of zamal, a flat pile in hand, rum flows down thirsty throats, and spirits are heated. »Isabelle Hoarau, Signes, short story from the Reunionism collection.

Zamal was subsequently used “traditional”, sometimes festive, to celebrate the end of the harvest. But it was used for domestic use, and very often ... The almost mystical aspect of Zamal was also found in cockfights, when it was rubbed on battle cocks to increase their fighting spirit. Or when it was fed to the hens to make them better layers ...

Zamal, sativa cannabis from Reunion
"Oté Reunion !!!! "

Zamal was also popular with the ancients, the gramouns who made decoctions with therapeutic virtues. Indeed, this Sativa was used to calm asthma, anxiety, depression and pain in the lower abdomen. In addition, it was smoked during meetings between Gramouns. At the end of the 1960s, this traditional use among the gramouns gradually faded away in favor of more recreational use.

Zamal lineages

Zamal, sativa cannabis from Reunion

Zamal is the name in "Reunion" for cannabis or Indian hemp. This local name derives from the word Madagascan zamala. Zamal is cultivated in Reunion Island illegally, the naturalized species is considered invasive ... This Cannabis sativa L is available on the island in a subspecies: Cannabis sativa L. subsp. indica (Lam.) E. Small and Cronquist. We sometimes talk about classifying them by Kalite :

  • kality mangu'carot : a variety whose terpenes give a taste of carrot-mango. Its origins are from Africa and Madagascar
  • wire rouz : the red pistils during flowering, typical of a herb found in Mafate
  • the seed : a plant with good seed supply
  • sek o pie or sek o pat : a very resinous variety believed to originate from Afghanistan
  • kality poiw or free : another strain with very spicy terpenes

The power of Zamal is legendary, psychedelic. However, her flowering time is among the longest of all cannabis strains. Indeed, it will take up to 9 months (at best) for this Sativa to reach maturity ...

Zamal, sativa cannabis from Reunion
Zamal is never too discreet ...

Growing Zamal indoors is challenging, in addition to its 12 to 16 weeks of flowering, Zamal has an impressive size ... This plant proliferates quickly, it is very vigorous, while being very slow to ripen ... The more you prune the Zamal, and the more it will spread in width… Outdoors you can easily count on 4,5m high, 3m wide and more than 1kg at harvest… We understand better why this strain of cannabis is considered as “invasive”…

Zamal, sativa cannabis from Reunion
"Kalité mangu'carot" (cross K1)

"Being able to heal yourself with Zamal"

Everything is used in the Zamal, the leaves, the flowers and the seeds. Zamal, as Indian hemp Sativa, treats painful affections of the digestive tract, whether it is an ulcer or cancer ... Zamal is very beneficial for respiratory tract ailments such as asthma and bronchitis. It eliminates muscle tension and cures glaucoma.

Zamal, sativa cannabis from Reunion

It also has an effective action to reduce muscle spasms and relax muscles. Unofficially on the island, it would be usable in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. It calms the cerebral hyperactivity, the migraines, the neuralgias, the urinary affections and the psychic troubles. It also relieves rheumatism, arthritis and menstrual pain. On the other hand the seeds are very nutritious, and laxative.

"Cannabis social clubs" in Reunion

The passion for cannabiculture is alive in Reunion. The locals are aware of the genetic heritage of the plant. Groups circumvent the law. There are 14 centers installed throughout the island, and more than a hundred members. The main "clientele" seeks the medicinal virtues of Zamal. This is evidenced by the Cannabis Social club 974, whose goal is also to fight against the black market.

“Having a responsible consumption for therapeutic purposes, it is very difficult, nowadays, to obtain quality Zamal in the street and even less when looking for good quality material for our medical extractions. We all now know the virtues of cannabis for health, I do not see why it would be forbidden for us to treat ourselves the way we want ”, testifies the president of the cannabis social club of Reunion.

But French law condemns a fine of 3750 euros, or one year of imprisonment for the consumption of cannabis. As for production… even for personal use, it is punishable by a maximum penalty of 20 years of criminal imprisonment… Or a fine of up to 7,5 million euros. Which does not cool the traffic on the island ...

Zamal, sativa cannabis from Reunion
… Major seizure in Saint-Louis!

"The traffickers, more and more shamelessly, have diverted the use of the plant for commercial purposes, generating every day a windfall of profits which could be used for the development of our department"

Decriminalization is long overdue, as on the continent ... A partial authorization of cannabis would be the ideal legislation for the island's CHCs. In addition, a total legalization of the sale of Zamal could have beneficial effects for the finances of the State, and the economic development of Reunion.

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