Scientists will develop cannabinoids from yeast

Scientists are abandoning greenhouses in favor of large steel vats of yeast, to produce cannabinoids as one would "brew" beer ...

Researchers are developing a new method of making tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) from yeast cultures. Two San Diego-based biotechnology companies, Librede and CB Therapeutics, are patenting a new process to isolate cannabinoids without actually cultivating cannabis ...

produce cannabinoids, yeast

Cannabinoids raised in yeast

Although many patients treated with medical cannabis are not receptive to unnatural approaches, some companies in the pharmaceutical industry see it quite differently. Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette teaches us a new process resulting from biotechnology, scientists insert cannabis genes into the DNA of yeast ...

Then the mutant strains of yeast produce molecules of THC and CBD. The result can be harvested and marketed, but this process requires huge amounts of sugar. Yeast is already used to make pharmaceutical products. Just like the noscapine, made from genes and yeast poppy (opium).

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produce cannabinoids, yeast

Noscapine is the international non-proprietary name for L-narcotine. It is an alkaloid whose properties are similar to those of codeine and morphine. It is often found in cough syrups.

In short, like opioids, cannabinoids can be made in the same way… Sher Ali Butt, co-founder and CEO of CB Therapeutics, states:

“I was launching this idea in San Diego a few years ago, and it's funny how things change. "

Cheap cannabinoids

Cannabis and cannabinoids derived from hemp are typically grown naturally, then harvested and extracted in the lab. But a less expensive or less labor-intensive process could revolutionize the pharmaceutical aspect of medicinal cannabis.

Intrexon, another synthetic biotech company in Maryland, has recently been assessed at a market capitalization of 2,4 billion. Intrexonas an Librede et CB Therapeutics, announce that they have developed a strain of yeast capable of producing cannabinoids. The actions ofIntrexon soared 27% just after the announcement was made.

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According to Mr. Butt, CB Therapeutics is ready to commercialize its process in two months. Librede is in a similar situation. With the recent approval of Epidiolex from GW Pharmaceuticals by Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration (FDA), the commercial potential of a new cannabinoid extraction process is well established.

“Before legalization in California, no one wanted to take my call. I was going somewhere, and people were laughing at me from outside the room. »Jason Poulos, founder of Librede

It was already known that it was possible to extract CBD from a certain breed ofhop. But, this science, once on the market, would be a gold mine for those who perfected it. The result will be two distinct industries - legal pharmaceutical cannabis - and the stable, cheap ingredients that the industries would need ...

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