Global Guide: Where Cannabis Is Legal Around The World And Where It Isn't

Cannabis legality by state

Want to go on vacation and need to check local cannabis laws? Here are the current cannabis laws in countries around the world, detailing the laws of use, sale and cultivation. Below is a table with the list of countries where cannabis is legal and where it is prohibited

Countryrecreational useMedical useNotes/status
Ugandanot allowednot allowedCannabis is illegal, but you can get a license to grow medical cannabis only for export
Uzbekistannot allowednot allowed 
Austrianon-criminalizationlegalNon-criminalization since 2016
Ukrainenon-criminalizationOnly cannabis-based medicinesNon-criminalization up to 5 grams. Non-criminalization for growing up to 10 plants. is in the process of authorizing medical cannabis.
UruguaylegallegalIt is allowed to grow up to 6 plants. Tourists are not allowed to buy cannabis in stores.
Azerbaijannot allowednot allowed 
UAEnot allowednot allowedEven a small amount is punishable by 4 years in prison.
Marshall Islandsnot allowednot allowed 
The Solomon Islandsnot allowednot allowed 
Seychellesnot allowednot allowed 
Icelandnot allowednot allowed 
Indonesianot allowednot allowed 
Irelandnot allowedlegalMedical use was authorized in 2019
IranProhibited but often not enforcednot allowedThere is a ban but it is generally not enforced.
Le Salvadornot allowednot allowed 
Albanianot allowednot allowedBanned but common throughout the country.
Algerianot allowednot allowed 
Angolanot allowednot allowed 
Andorranot allowednot allowed 
Antigua and Barbudanon-criminalizationlegalNon-criminalization of possession up to 15 grams and cultivation of up to 4 plants.
Estonianon-criminalizationOnly cannabis-based medicinesNon-criminalization up to 7,5 grams.
Afghanistan. not allowednot allowedBanned since 1973.
Ecuadornon-criminalizationlegalNon-criminalization up to 10 grams. Legal medical cannabis as of 2019.
Argentinanon-criminalizationlegalNon-criminalization since 2009
Eritreanot allowednot allowed 
Armenianot allowednot allowed 
Ethiopianot allowednot allowed 
Bahamasnot allowednot allowed 
Bulgarianot allowednot allowed 
bustoananot allowednot allowed 
Bosnianot allowednot allowed 
Burundinot allowednot allowed 
Bahrainnot allowednot allowed 
Belgiumnon-criminalizationOnly cannabis-based medicinesNon-criminalization up to 3 grams. The offenses of self-consumption and cultivation of cannabis for self-consumption are almost never applied.
Belizenon-criminalizationnot allowedNon-criminalization up to 10 grams.
Belarusnot allowednot allowed 
BangladeshProhibited but often not enforcednot allowedThere is a ban but it is generally not enforced.
Barbadosnon-criminalizationlegalNon-criminalization up to 14 grams. Legal for followers of the Rastafari religion.
Bruneinot allowednot allowed 
Brazilnon-criminalizationOnly cannabis-based medicinesNon-criminalization since 2006.
UKnot allowedOnly cannabis-based medicines 
Jamaicanon-criminalizationlegalNon-criminalization up to 56 grams. It is allowed to grow up to 5 plants. Legal for followers of the Rastafari religion.
GeorgialegalLegal to use but not to sellThe use of cannabis for recreational purposes is authorized but the sale is prohibited.
Ghananot allowednot allowed 
Gabonnot allowednot allowed 
Guatemalanot allowednot allowed 
Guyananot allowednot allowed 
Guineanot allowednot allowed 
Greenlandnot allowednot allowed 
Germanynon-criminalizationlegalAs of 2022, there are government plans for full legalization, but they have yet to materialize.
Grenadanot allowednot allowed 
Denmarknot allowedlegalIn the capital Copenhagen, the ban is barely enforced and cannabis is sold openly in the Christiania area.
South AfricalegallegalLegalization from September 2018
South Sudannot allowednot allowed 
South Koreanot allowedOnly cannabis-based medicines 
Haitinot allowednot allowed 
Maldivesnot allowednot allowed 
IndiaProhibited but often not enforcedOnly cannabis-based medicinesThere is a ban but it is generally not enforced. In some areas use is permitted.
NetherlandslegallegalYou are allowed to possess up to 5 grams of cannabis.
Hong Kongnot allowednot allowed 
Hungarynot allowednot allowed 
Hondurasnot allowednot allowed 
The Philippinesnot allowedlegal 
Dominican Republicnot allowednot allowed 
Vietnam Prohibited but often not enforcednot allowedThere is a ban but it is generally not enforced.
Vanuatunot allowedlegal 
Venezuelanot allowednot allowed 
Zimbabwenot allowedlegal 
Zambianot allowedlegal 
Ivory Coastnot allowednot allowed 
Tadjikistannot allowednot allowed 
Tuvalunot allowednot allowed 
Tonganot allowednot allowed 
Tunisianot allowednot allowed 
Turkeynot allowedOnly cannabis-based medicines 
Turkmenistannot allowednot allowed 
Taiwannot allowednot allowed 
Tanzanianot allowednot allowed 
Trinidad and Tobagonon-criminalizationnot allowedAs of 2019, non-criminalization of possession of up to 30 grams and cultivation of up to 4 plants.
Greecenot allowedlegal 
Japannot allowedOnly cannabis-based medicines 
Jordannot allowednot allowed 
Kuwaitnot allowednot allowed 
Laos Prohibited but often not enforcednot allowed 
Lebanonnot allowedlegal 
Libyanot allowednot allowed 
Luxembourgnon-criminalizationlegalThe government announced at the end of 2021 its intention to fully legalize.
Latvianot allowednot allowed 
Liba © rianot allowednot allowed 
Lithuanianot allowednot allowed 
Liechtensteinnot allowednot allowed 
LesothoProhibited but often not enforcedlegal 
Mauritanianot allowednot allowed 
Mauritiusnot allowednot allowed 
MaltalegallegalFull legalization from 2022.
Malinot allowednot allowed 
Madagascarnot allowednot allowed 
Mozambiquenot allowednot allowed 
Moldovanon-criminalizationnot allowed 
Mongolianot allowednot allowed 
Montenegronot allowednot allowed 
Monaconot allowednot allowed 
Timor orientalnot allowednot allowed 
BurmaProhibited but often not enforcednot allowedThere is a ban but it is generally not enforced.
Micronesianot allowednot allowed 
MalawiProhibited but often not enforcedlegalThere is a ban but it is generally not enforced.
Malaysianot allowednot allowed 
EgyptProhibited but often not enforcednot allowedThere is a ban but it is generally not enforced.
Macaunot allowednot allowed 
Macedonianot allowedlegal 
MexicolegallegalFull legalization from 2021, but still no stores. Self-cultivation is allowed.
MoroccoProhibited but often not enforcedlegalThere is a ban but it is generally not enforced.
Nigerianot allowednot allowed 
New Zealand not allowedlegal 
Nigernot allowednot allowed 
Nicaraguanot allowednot allowed 
Namibianot allowednot allowed 
NepalProhibited but often not enforcednot allowedThere is a ban but it is generally not enforced.
Sudannot allowednot allowed 
Swazilandnot allowednot allowed 
Somalianot allowednot allowed 
SyriaProhibited but often not enforcednot allowed 
Sierra Leonenot allowednot allowed 
Chinanot allowednot allowed 
Singaporenot allowedOnly cannabis-based medicines 
Slovenianon-criminalizationOnly cannabis-based medicines 
Slovakianot allowednot allowed 
Samoanot allowednot allowed 
San Marinonot allowedlegal 
Senegalnot allowednot allowed 
Spainnon-criminalizationlegalIt is permitted to use cannabis in the home – use in public results in a fine. It is also allowed to grow at home for personal use.
Serbianot allowednot allowed 
Sri Lankanon-criminalizationlegal 
Iraqnot allowednot allowed 
Saudi Arabianot allowednot allowed 
PolandProhibited but often not enforcedlegalThere is a ban but it is usually not enforced when it comes to small quantities.
Portugalnon-criminalizationlegalNon-criminalization up to 25 grams of marijuana or 5 grams of hashish.
Fijinot allowednot allowed 
FinlandProhibited but often not enforcedlegalThere is a ban but it is generally not enforced.
Palaunot allowednot allowed 
Panamanot allowedlegal 
Papua New Guineanot allowednot allowed 
PakistanProhibited but often not enforcedOnly cannabis-based medicinesThere is a ban but in Peshawar and the north of the country it is generally not enforced. In other areas there is application.
Paraguaynon-criminalizationnot allowedNon-criminalization up to 10 grams.
Perunon-criminalizationlegalNon-criminalization up to 8 grams.
Chadnot allowednot allowed 
Chilenon-criminalizationlegalNon-criminalization since 2005. Cultivation of small quantities authorized since 2016.
République tchèquenon-criminalizationlegalNon-criminalization up to 10 grams and up to 5 plants.
North KoreaunknownunknownAccording to some reports, cannabis is legal in North Korea
Francenon-criminalizationlegalMedical cannabis is allowed but very limited. Contravention for consumption and possession.
Cubanot allowednot allowed 
Colombianon-criminalizationlegalNon-criminalization up to 22 grams. It is allowed to grow up to 20 plants.
Comorosnot allowednot allowed 
Congonot allowednot allowed 
Kosovonot allowednot allowed 
Costa Ricanon-criminalizationnot allowed 
Kazakhstannot allowednot allowed 
Qatarnot allowednot allowed 
Cabo Verdenot allowednot allowed 
Kyrgyzstannot allowednot allowed 
CambodiaProhibited but often not enforcednot allowedThere is a ban but it is generally not enforced.
CanadalegallegalLegalized from October 2018.
Cyprusnot allowedlegal 
Croatianon-criminalizationlegalDecriminalization since 2013. Medical cannabis since 2015.
Rwandanot allowedlegal 
Romanianot allowedOnly cannabis-based medicines 
Russianot allowednot allowedNon-criminalization up to 6 grams of marijuana or 2 grams of hashish.
Swedennot allowedlegal 
Switzerlandnon-criminalizationlegalNon-criminalization up to 10 grams.
ThailandlegallegalFull legalization from 2022, no stores yet.
Yemennot allowednot allowed 

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