Wiz Khalifa facing the lie detector

Wiz Khalifa faces the lie detector, answers questions from Vanity Fair

Wiz Khalifa is very talkative when it comes to his love for weed. The rapper claims he is in great shape every day and his smoking habit costs him around $ 10 a month ... But are all his comments about pot true? To answer these questions, Vanity Fair magazine just gave Wiz Khalifa a lie detector test ...

Wiz Khalifa's weed facing the lie detector

In a neutral-colored basement reminiscent of an FBI interrogation room, Wiz Khalifa sits down to answer a host of questions - while hanging on a lie detector. The first subject on the list: When it comes to cannabis, does he really smoke and spend as much as he says he does? We recently took a tour of his Los Angeles home, and we saw that the place was equipped with a bar at dab...

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Vanity Fair begins with a few basic questions, in a deceptively sinister tone. Wiz claims he's nervous about this odd interview. But who can blame him for this?

Of course, the biggest item on the agenda was weed. " Are you broke in right now? Asks the anonymous questioner. Knowing all about Wiz Khalifa, you already know the answer. After confessing that he was on the starting blocks for the interview, Khalifa laughs:

“I'm kidding myself! "

Then comes the big question. " Does Khalifa actually spend $ 10 per month on her weed consumption? »

“It's probably not anymore,” Khalifa replies.

The polygraph, don't move… Looks like the rapper is telling the truth about what the best weed costs every day… Considering stoner Khalifa, Vanity Far had a lot of questions about weed and his habits. Eis it better to be too high or too drunk? Who is he smoking with?

Then, Vanity Fair offers the question that any fan of hip-hop and weed arises: Who really smokes more, Wiz Khalifa or his best friend, Snoop Dogg? The answer might surprise you ...

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Beyond the weed: a look at the philosophy of Wiz Khalifa

Although, weed is an integral part of the rapper's life, Wiz also shared a certain philosophy. So, Wiz Khalifa believes in love, confirms the lie detector… Also, Khalifa does not believe in free will, at least as we understand it…

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Wiz Khalifa laughing like a duck

But a question remains. Did he lie during his interview?

“I don't know if you caught me, but I said untruths,” he replies.

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