William Shatner Says He Is Using "Magic" Cannabis Extract Products


Star Trek legend uses cannabis to treat inflammation

Star Trek legend William Shatner aka Captain James Tiberius Kirk uses cannabis extracts to treat his “aches and pains”. The Star Trek star described the treatment as “magical” and said he used it to soothe his joint pain.

Shatner told the news agency PA : “I have aches and pains that I didn't have a few years ago. “But I'm finding that there are a lot of things that ease aches and pains that we didn't know just a few years ago. Well, THC and CBD, and that sort of thing. ”

He added: “Did you use it? It is magic. I had swollen joints where it hurts a lot you rub a little bit and while you do the pain goes away. It is magic".

Shatner returns to host another series of The UnXplained, a science fiction show that explores fascinating and eerie mysteries. He adds: “There are things around us that we have not yet discovered that seem mysterious, but then we find an explanation.

“Human beings are constantly on the lookout, you and I are constantly looking for answers to make a good pie. You know, what is a good sausage? Or a chicken pie… ”

William Shatner, who turned 89 on March 22, said on his broadcast Ora.TV Brown Bag Wine Tasting , in which he does blind tasting “Oh, I love weed”,

In one episode, Captain Kirk discusses weed with a dealer named Dominic. According to a reddit, weed in Klingon language is called bloodwine or Gagh.

“Weed is a big thing,” Shatner said, adding that he hadn't smoked it in years but thought it was “big weed”. So would he do it again if he visited a legal state? “If I had a few days and it was legal… why not?” He might even take the variety Romulan inspired by Star Trek.

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