White Widow: the special Nike shoes 420

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The company Nike will celebrate the world cannabis day the April 20, by launching the model White Widow, in reference to this famous strain.

At the end of last week, a few days before the International Day of Cannabis (the 20 APRIL, 4 / 20), Nike has announced its new model. Thus, it takes its name from one of the most famous cannabis species, "White Widow". Todd Bratud, a famous skateboard artist designed the shoe.

The shoes themselves are hippie green in color and are decorated with red stripes that represent the reddish-brown hairs on the cannabis flowers. In addition, Nike made sure to add a secret pocket in the shoes, to store in a discreet place. Nike is not at its first attempt.

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Thus, two years ago, Nike chose to mark World Cannabis Day with shoes in a special design - 14 years after the launch of the first hemp-based shoes signed by the manufacturer.

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shoes, hemp, cannabis, adidas, Nike
In 2016, Nike had already released a special shoe 420

Over the years, around the same time, Nike sold various models that contained hemp. The American company has never tried to hide the small wink in the direction of cannabis lovers. So she called her hemp shoes with terms known to amateurs. We therefore found models such as Skunk Dunks or Cheech & Chong.

Other shoe brands have had their “cannabis” model

Obviously, Nike is not the first company to make hemp shoes.

shoes, hemp, cannabis, adidas, Nike

In 2016, Adidas had a shoe called the Seeley Hemp Athletic Shoe. It was a shoe almost entirely made of hemp dyed black. So the Seeley Hemps were inspired by Rastafari, including the red, yellow and green soles and soles.

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