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The White Russian a serious strike force

white russian a serious strike force 3

White Russian: the crystalline hybrid that spoils you with THC

White Russian could be one of those most delicious cream cocktails. But, now there is some serious competition: the White Russian cannabis strain… Fortunately, the new White Russian is less likely to make you throw up and it's good to mix it with acidic foods. This strain is a popular hybrid created by the legendaries Serious Seeds from the Netherlands, a strong and original hybrid.

The White Russian

This strongly indica strain is a cross between White Widow and AK-47. White Widow is famous for its crystallized buds, it is one of the most powerful hybrids. AK47 is a sativa hybrid. It is a reference in the world of commercial cannabis, which is widely appreciated in coffee shops, than by self-producers.

THC, hybrid, White Russian
The powerful medical AK-47

There is no doubt that White Russian, which is the offspring of both, has inherited some remarkable qualities.

THC, hybrid, White Russian
The crystalline White Widow

Powerful and relaxing, you can expect high amounts of THC, and when cultivated with specialist care these strains can produce up to 25% THC. However, this flower is more likely to produce in average about 16%. Samples with less than 15% THC are best for novices, while this flower is usually an excellent choice for those with moderate to advanced cannabis experience.

THC, hybrid, White Russian
White Russian Outdoor

The aroma of this flower is sweet and frothy. Of course, the basis of the aroma is that classic cannabis distillery that delivers musk to the aromatic flower. Some consumers believe this strain has hints of spice, earth, and some pugnacious smell, making it a bold selection. White Russian goes well with citrus flavors, such as oranges.

Thomas from Serious Seeds shows us his “Cream” version of White Russia:

Of essentially indica type, the growth time for indoor cuttings is 5 to 10 days. The flowering time in indoor is 56 to 63 days. You can expect performance always indoors from 350 to 500 gr / m2. In addition, the outdoor harvest date is between the 15 and the October 31.

The White Russian experience

This strain has been a winner during the last decade. Not only has she won several awards, but she has crowned the hearts of many cannabis users. This strain tends to create a happy atmosphere, associated with calm but optimistic relaxation.

THC, hybrid, White Russian
White Russian smells particularly strong both growing and flowering.

In heavier doses, this strain can cause drowsiness or sedation. The microdosing White Russian would be a great way to reap the benefits of the bud. Great for the afternoon, many consumers find White Russian enhances creativity and provokes thought. It is easy to do a gentle introspection which is perfect for quite individual activities ...

THC, hybrid, White Russian
These medium-sized plants produce dense, very resinous 'buds'

Of course, this strain is also great to share. White Russian is euphoric and sometimes in high doses can make you a little silly… which in fact remains a fun addition to any social gathering. Although it has gentle effects on the body, much of the experience with this strain is centered on the head. Expect some brain stimulation.

Why do you like White Russian?

The White Russian creates great "tension" for an afternoon picnic, she can even help read a book, or even participate in fun outdoor activities like cycling or a long walk. High in THC would also be a good pre-dinner treat. This is because this strain can improve appetite and make food taste so delicious.

THC, hybrid, White Russian

Medical cannabis users often choose White Russian for relief from mental health issues like chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. As a warning, high doses of this pimple can cause dizziness and potentially worsen anxiety. This is especially true among new consumers ...

THC, hybrid, White Russian

In addition to chronic pain, and fatigue, people with migraine can consider this strain as particularly pleasant. Those who hope to wake up after a few puffs should be aware of not letting go. Otherwise you could find yourself gaping and stuck on the couch.

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