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Guild Extracts  - is an association of extraction artists, dedicated to making the finest products in the cannabis world. A production recognized in the high spheres of medicine, of high quality for both patients and connoisseurs.


The "Guild"

We better remember alchemy, the medieval and often superstitious ancestor of chemistry; a pseudo-science in search of the "philosopher's stone" a magical substance which would transform lead into gold and which would treat all diseases with its "elixir of life" ...


Guild Extracts strictly employ modern chemistry - molecular isolation to be precise - to achieve 99.677% THCa extraction; a crystalline form, a mineral reminiscence close to diamond, pure gold according to the Guild.

 The Crystalline Form of THCa & CBD

Crystalline THCa is the raw acidic form of THC, before it is heated; THC-A itself remains completely inactive as long as it is not heated, ideal for ingestion in order to obtain the therapeutic effects. Just like crystalline CBD which on the other hand is non-psychoactive on ingestion, nor in vaporization; a clear effect is felt without compromising cognitive function.

THC-A Crystalline - the strongest hash in the world

However, Crystalline THCa once heated during its decarboxylation, reveals THC in its purest form by losing the carboxylic acid atom. Most of the terpenes are separated during its manufacture, in order to offer a very sweet aroma to suit a more powerful effect. This concentrate with a mysterious recipe is the strongest cannabis product on the market; a renaissance in the best that is created in the world of cannabis, a huge step forward to do without pharmaceutical companies and industries ...

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Potential at 99-100%
Directions for use: Dab or ingestion

The THCa Powder

Guild technology isolates high levels of THCa; in powder form that is easier to ingest, which helps to feel the medicinal benefits better, without the psychoactive effects.


Potential at 90 +% THCa
Directions for use: Ingest (in water), to mix with cannabis, or Dab


CBD sap is ideal for patients who desire the highest levels of CBD compared to THC; in order to alleviate certain symptoms without the psychoactive effects considered to be heavy. Studies prove that CBD works well when combined with THC, it expresses its full potential in effects when combined. CBD Sap given its strain variety, helps patients explore a broad spectrum of medicinal possibilities, while combining the flavor associated with it (lemon, cherry, etc.)

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Potential at 40-55% CBD
Directions for use: Dab


HTE is a highly refined concentrate that captures the pure terpene essence of the cannabis flower. Studies prove that terpenes act on the human endo-cannabinoid system, creating a wide variety of medicinal effects. These are complex Aromas which adapt perfectly to the patient and his palate.

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Potential at 35-55% THC
Directions for use: E-vape

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Sugar is produced when THCa begins to naturally crystallize, giving this form of extract a sugary texture with the same consistency as Sap. It is a profile rich in terpene, faithful to the initial Strain (plant). These sugars are favored for ease of consumption with a vaporizer or Dab; the labs concluded at 0 micron of residual solvent.

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Potential at 55-75% THC
Directions for use: Dab or E-vape


Guild Extracts is renowned for making the highest pure shards on the market at the lowest price. These flakes (Shatter) undergo an industrial process of de-encausticage (chemical refining of the oil) and degommination which gives this translucent and fragile appearance. The material is treated to make it consistent and soft both for consumption and for the eye; a harmonious appearance similar to gold… The Shatter includes a wide range of cannabis varieties retaining the aromatics (terpenes) so specific to each species; just like Sugar, the labs concluded that there was no solvent residue.

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Potential at 65-75% THC
Directions for use: Dab or E-vape

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