What to do when the grass is wet or damp?

wet grass

Your weed is valuable and is quite salvageable if you follow the right steps

When the grass is wet or damp it is quite embarrassing but is there a way to revive your buds. A disaster has happened! The bud has fallen into a glass of water? maybe the table is wet? or maybe you slipped and fell into a huge puddle. Fortunately, there are solutions and it may take two to three days to save your weed.

Wet or damp grass: Patience is key

Cannabis And Rice
Cannabis And Rice

What are the problems with wet weed? I know many of you must be thinking, “Two to three days ?! I don't have that time! But trust me, your bud will become smokable again if you follow these steps and wait.

The paper method

  • The first thing to do when the grass is wet is to put it in a paper towel or brown paper bag.
  • Place the paper bag in a dark, dry place
  • If possible, make sure there is some air circulation in the room. Put on a fan or dehumidifier if you have one
  • Replace the paper towel and flip your wet weed every two hours
  • Make sure you check for mold when you flip your weed
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The rice method for wet grass

  • Put your wet weed in a mason jar and fill the jar with rice
  • Let the jar rest, uncovered, for a day
  • Remove weed and check for mold
  • Again, circulate air around the room to prevent mold growth. Put on a fan or dehumidifier if you have one
  • When the grass seems dry enough, pull your buds apart and use the paper towel method for a few hours to remove any residual moisture, if necessary.

When the grass is wet: Avoid heat and light

I know it's tempting to try faster ways to dry weed buds, like using a hair dryer, putting them in the microwave or regular oven on low power, or putting them in the sun or under a microwave. lamp for a few hours. But these aren't the best tactics for maintaining the integrity of your weed. These methods can break down the trichomes, which may burn some of the THC level in the herb as well as any other cannabinoids or terpenes present. Also, drying the weed with any of these methods may make your bud harder and less pleasant to smoke. When the grass is wet, it is best to be patient and use one of the methods above, and avoid shortcuts that involve heat and light.

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When the grass is wet, the most important thing you want to avoid is mold. If your buddy gets moldy while drying, I'm sorry, but it's officially rubbish: smoking mold is bad for your health. Another important thing to note: if you have dropped your weed in the ocean or in a swimming pool, you should simply throw away your stash. I know it's hard, but smoking or consuming ocean salt or chemicals from a swimming pool is not a good idea.

However, if you've just dropped your weed in a bong or spilled a water-based drink on it, it's probably still collectable by the paper or rice method. Since THC is not water soluble, some spillage should not affect the strength of the weed. After the recommended drying process, your bud might not look the prettiest, but it will still be usable. When the weed gets wet, don't worry. Just follow our advice and wait.

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