Welcome to the infusion revolution

welcome to the infusion revolution 6

This appliance can cook everything with oil or cannabis butter

Most states in the United States have more or less legalized cannabis. Currently. As a result, the cannabis industry is booming and all sectors of consumption are gradually infiltrated. The oil infuser LEFT, was born from this revolution. Its specificity? It allows you to infuse any edible oil or butter with cannabis. Or any other herb. The levo is a revolutionary household appliance available to everyone.

oil infuser, cannabis butter, household appliance, infusion, LEVO


Launched by a former BNP Paribas analyst and consultant for IBM, LEVO Oil Infusion quoted by the magazine Forbes looks like a household appliance. It looks like an espresso machine ...

oil infuser, cannabis butter, household appliance, infusion, LEVO

This is precisely the effect sought by society, which presents the use of edible cannabis oils or butters in cooking as completely normal. Rid of the provocative element often associated with cannabis, the entrepreneur aims to standardize its use among aficionados of space cakes as with the average user.

Infuse oil and butter with the flavors and nutrients of herbs, fruits and other ingredients at the push of a button… Let LEVO streamline the process with precise time and temperature controls. After use, cleaning up is as easy as throwing the reservoir in the dishwasher. Enjoy a fresh, small batch brew at home today!

To use the LEVO, all you need to do is place the weed in a capsule. Add oil or butter to its reservoir. Adjust the temperature and brew time for a cannabis-flavored, THC-enriched food.

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oil infuser, cannabis butter, household appliance, infusion, LEVO

But the thing about LEVO is to be branded as a herbal infuser of all kinds ... so, to select the "cannabis" mode, you have to press the "flower" button, whose icon is somewhat reminiscent of -but not too much…

oil infuser, cannabis butter, household appliance, infusion, LEVO

The team

It took Chrissy Bellman five years to launch her product, but it looks like her strategy is paying off. LEVO was accepted in 2011, when the founder was living overseas with a house full of other American students. In their shared kitchen, he witnessed firsthand the difficulties in brewing butter for baked goods.

oil infuser, cannabis butter, household appliance, infusion, LEVO

Many of us are misled about the quality of the infused products and forced to face the current drawbacks of DIY. Not to mention, the shelf life of oils and butters is shorter than we would like to believe. With LEVO you can avoid the painful process of infusing oil at home. Now you can brew more efficiently and frequently and craft ...

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