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Cannabidiol vape (CBD) is making its way to Europe, becoming very popular and allowing you to legally benefit from CBD in France.

Today new blends are created from terpenes reproducing the aromatic profile of the best cannabis strains in the world. The French range WEEDEO, offers e liquids infused with terpenes reproducing theOrange Bud Lemon-OG Mango Haze andAmnesia Kush. We have tested these 4 flavors for you with a dosage of 300mg of CBD. 

Respect for terpenes at WEEDEO

The interest of WEEDEO products is justified by the careful combinations of 28 to 34 terpenes which define the combination of each aroma with a Pure CBD at 99%.

Hundreds of terpenes are present in an individual strain of cannabis. However, terpenes are not limited to this one plant. More than 20 terpenes appear in nature… The aromatic terpenes present in e-liquid are both naturally derived and synthesized in the laboratory.


Available in 4 different flavors, CBD and terpenes combine in what is called an entourage effect. A synergy that WEEDEO has tried to reproduce, and the result seems very satisfactory.

Orange Bud

The aromatic notes of oranges and peels mixed with natural terpenes make the power of this e liquid inspired by Orange Bud. In the case of the plant, it is simply the potency of the aroma that keeps consumers coming back to that particular strain. It is therefore interesting to find the flavor that appeals to the greatest number.


It is your olfactory senses that perceive a molecule called thehumulene. Thus, we will find there the earthy and woody aroma that defines it so much. In addition, this terpene often transmits the smell of beer hops, which sometimes permeates a variety of cannabis because it results from the same molecule ... And as its name suggests, there are therefore citrus notes. which can make you think of orange or rather of bitter clementine. Its aroma is strong and its smoke is pleasant, a balanced mixture that one feels good in the mouth.

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Mango Haze

The terpene e-liquid based on Mango Haze gives the most exotic note. Mango Haze flavor is prized for its delicate notes of sweet mango and tropical fruit. The smell of myrcene present in the e-liquid Mango Haze is reminiscent of a fresh grass, and slightly metallic.


This e-liquid makes an exhilarating and very fruity smoke. We also find theAlpha-pinene mostly, which is the most common terpene in nature. Its particularity is that it gives off an odor reminiscent of pine needles. Mixed with the exotic flavor of mango, Mango Haze e-liquid has the most pronounced and sweet taste of the range.


Lemon OG is famous for the complexity of its citrus and lemon aromas. It is the e-liquid of choice for all those looking for lemony notes. The smell is similar to that of lily of the valley, lilac or even hyacinth. And we owe this subtle effect to the mixture of  linalool and terpineol. But in general the smell remains quite indefinable.


The Lemon OG e-liquid leaves us in the papillae a very pleasant floral, fresh and lemony touch. Without being as fruity, and sweet as the Mango Haze e-liquid.

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Amnesia Kush

Beyond its fruity flavor, the limonene present in the Amnesia Kush e-liquid is renowned for its sedative properties. This is probably why the Amnesia Kush e-liquid produces a CBD hit more reinforced. In addition, this terpene produces a fresh and tangy smell, which makes e-liquid a flavor of its own. Its second terpene is Beta-pinene, which offers a flavor and smell of dill, basil and hops.


Amnesia Kush e-liquid seems to come closest to a mixture of terpenes sativa et indicates. This is undoubtedly what makes this e-liquid with a complex and tangy flavor, the best entourage effect with CBD.


Le e-liquid Weedeo is a "All-day" liquid which will suit you the most on a daily basis, and which you will vape as a priority. CBD e-liquids with terpenes are a breakthrough in the field of vaping.


The brand even offers a CBD booster 1000MG to be dosed in any e-liquid or base. The Terpenes + CBD effect is useful for satiate yourself with nicotine. In addition, the tastes are a success, and benefit from the expertise of the French brand Liquideo.

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