Weed: Weed slang

Weed is the English term for hemp, or rather cannabis ... The term is used in urban areas, it can be transcribed by beu, beue, beuh, beuhère, beuze, ganja, herb, marijuana, dagga, shit, zetla, hiya , kush, skunk, taga, charas etc… In more general terms, it means grass, hashish and therefore 'soft drug'. Anglicism or Americanism, see Jamaican slang its first attestation is unrecognized. The term is pejoratively translated by "weed", as an undesirable element of the weed flora or " weed science »in clear a wild plants undesirable. In everyday parlance weed is considered a troublesome plant, especially one that thrives where it isn't wanted. Basically, cannabis that spreads quickly the Weed effect ”!
selection movies for stoners

The films for stoners

The selection (to be completed) of the best films for stoners Many films stimulate the stoner that lies dormant in us, and rightly here are the greatest films, classics for the most part that make you shudder
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