Top of the most beautiful smokers of weed

The eleven most sexy and popular smokers

Apart from the old patterns we are used to ... Women who smoke weed are not necessarily hippies with dreadlocks (even if they are beautiful to see). Nowadays weed hits the Top of Babe !! These weed smokers are generally laid back, beautiful and fun ... That said, here are the 11 most beautiful women whose success rhymes with weed.

weed girl, smokers

1. Dr. Dina

weed girl, smokers

Not only is she a lawyer for the cannabis cause, but she's also a “Nancy Botwin” in real life. Although Dr Dina is not a licensed doctor, this beautiful creature always knows where to find the best bud ... In fact, she even helped Snoop to obtain his medical card for access to cannabis.

2. Silenced hippie

weed girl, smokers

Her fans call her Silenced Hippie, but her real name is Sasha. In addition to her many smoking sessions on Youtube, she also makes adorable hats, jewelry, t-shirts, etc. She is the little hippie of our selection ^^

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3. Marilyn Monroe

weed girl, smokers

Many people are not aware that the beautiful Marilyn Monroe was a diehard smoker! The proof in this video:

4 Rihanna

weed girl, smokers

Everything about Rihanna is beautiful, from her voice to her amazing eyes. What makes her a lot sexier, in particular, is the cannabis. Indeed grass is what she loves above all. Rhi-Rhi is the celebrity you'll catch every time with the smoke in your mouth.

5. Jane West

weed girl, smokers

Jane West's success is as beautiful as her person… In addition to being the founder of Women Grow, she also has her own line, the Jane West Collection, which includes bullders, and other very cannabis-friendly goodies.

6 Miley Cyrus

weed girl, smokers

We don't introduce her anymore, when it comes to yoga, Miley knows how to do a pose… Besides, she is the very definition of fun, and her smile is perfect.

7 Kristen Stewart

weed girl, smokers

Despite her awkward moments, which she openly admits, Kristen Stewart is a weed smoker. So, she consumes and doesn't care what people think.

8. Cameron Diaz

weed girl, smokers

What makes Cameron Diaz so amazing, besides the fact that she smokes weed? First, her young girl's charisma. Then his attractive smile… And don't forget Snoop was his high school dealer!

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9. Charlize Theron

weed girl, smokers

Charlize Theron, an Oscar-winning actress who also enjoys consuming weed. In fact, this beautiful lady was caught in the flag, smoking a joint in an apple in 2004 ...

10. Mariah Carey

weed girl, smokers

On a recent trip to Amsterdam, Mariah Carey let it be known that she is a little too keen on marijuana. After nibbling a Space Cake, Mariah and her team had the time to do a live performance at Bulldog, a coffee shop in the "Venice of the North".

11 Jennifer Aniston

weed girl, smokers

From her fit body to her good looks, people can't resist Jennifer Aniston… Although she doesn't come across as a joint smoker, she openly admits to enjoying the weed here and there…

12. Bonus: Mary-Louise Parker (aka Nancy Botwin)

weed girl, smokers

Mary-Louise Parker only got to know the herb at the age of 45, and to cure her nausea. She claims that she didn't even smoke it and that the experience did not impress her at all… However for her very influential role in the series “Weeds”, she deserves to appear in this “Top Babe”. Nancy Botwin has a charm that cannot be forgotten ...

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