Recreational weed is now legal in the state of Vermont


Recreational cannabis is now legal in Vermont, the ninth state to legalize it.

State of Vermont authorize the weed for adults over 21 to have up to 1 ounce (28 grams) of recreational cannabis. Thus, they will be able to grow two mature cannabis plants and four immature shoots.


Legalization in Vermont

In May 2017, the state's heavily Democratic legislature approved a bill legalizing recreational marijuana. But Republican Governor Phil Scott vetoed it. That being said, it looks like Governor Scott has returned his jacket

“A number of states around us have already legalized,” Scott said in December 2017. “Whether we like it or not, cannabis is here and it's being used, so we need to take action to promote it to the general public. . ”

The new law came into effect on Sunday. With no provisions in the law for pot stores, users in Vermont must either grow it themselves or purchase it from illegal dealers. Indeed, the law of 2018 does not make any provision on sales or products. The legislature failed to create a system of taxation and regulation in the 2018 session.

In addition, the Marijuana Advisory Commission is already considering a future tax and regulatory plan. A report is expected in 2019.

Restrictions for the weed in Vermont

Weed smoking is prohibited in public areas, and tenants must have permission from their owners to consume or grow it at home.

Vermont was the first state to legalize recreational cannabis by legislative vote. He decriminalized cannabis in 2013 and legalized medical cannabis in 2004. The District of Columbia also legalized recreational cannabis.

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