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The "Mysterious Recipe" controversy resurfaces in France

Currently cannabis is considered more dangerous than cocaine in the United States (DEA). A work crew sorting a load at a Coca Cola factory in the south of France (the land of cannabis prohibition) made an astonishing discovery earlier this week when they stumbled upon more than 370 kilos of cocaine from contraband from Costa Rica.

A phenomenal amount, on French soil

BBC reports indicate that workers in Signes (Var) felt they were unloading a shipment of orange juice concentrate when all of a sudden they were in possession of 370 kg of orange juice powder. South America, with an estimated market value of $ 55 million, according to prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux.

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"You can imagine the surprise," a Coca-Cola spokesperson told The Telegraph, adding that the workers who discovered the illegal shipment are not suspected in the investigation.


The Inter-Regional Specialized Jurisdiction (JIRS) in Marseilles has been seized of this investigation, entrusted to the Central Office for the Suppression of Illicit Traffic in Narcotics (OCRTIS) of Marseille. As well as to the interregional management of the judicial police. Last March, 370 kg of cocaine had been seized, stored in a container on the port of Le Havre.

Coca-cola & the secret formula

Interestingly, many reports over the years have hinted that Coca-Cola includes cocaine as part of its concoction; to make it one of the best drinks sold in the world. However, the company has always claimed that the drug was never one of the main ingredients of the “mysterious” recipe.


The recipe for Coca-Cola is an industrial secret, almost military, jealously guarded. After the red and white mark, only two people in the world would know the list of ingredients. Why so much mystery around a simple sweet drink? What is she hiding? Should we be wary of the most consumed drink on the planet?

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It is The film that the brand does not like you to see:

Coca-Cola used trace amounts of cocaine in its early days. Which was not controversial at the time because the substance was considered medicinal. But the company finally stopped this practice in 1929 ...


It is worth noting, however, that Coca-Cola still contains large amounts of one of the most dangerous drugs in the world, sugar.

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