First therapeutic dispensation in France

Isabelle, the first patient of medical cannabis in France

A first in France, the Court of Montpellier has established an exemption from sentence for Isabelle, suffering from quadriplegic. This 45-year-old woman used cannabis for therapeutic purposes, despite the ban in France. Explanations:

The story of Isabelle, the first cannabis patient in France

The Montpellier court exempted a woman from punishment after the discovery of dozens of cannabis plants at her home (in tomato plants ...), reports the Midi Libre. Isabelle uses marijuana for therapeutic purposes in order to soothe her neuropathic pain. Self-medication which is formally prohibited in France. Isabelle has been quadriplegic since a terrible dive into a bottomless pool 20 years ago ...


She became quadriplegic, a spinal cord injury accompanied by vesico-sphincteric disorders. Vesico-sphincteric disorders are extremely common in multiple sclerosis (MS) affecting 50 to 80% of patients. They often appear early and can even be part of the inaugural signs.

"Yes I am angry, I know what suffering, pain is, and I am being arrested for cannabis plants in the middle of tomato plants ..."

Initially, however, she had recourse to Myolastan®. But in 2013, the National Medicines Safety Agency recommended the suspension of tetrazepam, one of the main active molecules in Myolastan. The drug is now definitely on the list of dangerous drugs.

Suspension of Tetrazepam and Myolastan from 2013

It was withdrawn from the market on European recommendation because of its dangerousness, on July 8, 2013. And Isabelle then began to smoke cannabis:

“I had been given this drug for years and suddenly it stopped. I smoked and it did me a lot of good, as never since the accident ”she says.

Isabelle's militant wish


Isabelle now wants therapeutic cannabis to be decriminalized.

"I would like us to authorize cannabis at the therapeutic level, but in France, we are afraid"

Today in front of his house in Grabels, his companion helps him drink his coffee. She also shoots a cannabis joint… We already know that cannabis is a natural medicine which soothes neuropathic pain.

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However, it should be noted that Isabelle owes this favorable judgment to Me Ingrid Metton of the Paris Bar. In her argument, Ingrid answers certain questions about France's position and its future ...

Lawyer Ingrid Metton

How did you get this waiver for your client in court?

I had to explain that she was sick and the sense of dispensation of pain. She is guilty of violating the French legislation that is undeniable, we can not yet have cannabis plants for therapeutic purposes, but she is sentenced without difficulty. It's a rare decision, I only know five or six such judgments. Getting this decision can really advance the cause of therapeutic cannabis, often the judges are not aware of the situation of patients.

How is France compared to other countries?

About fifteen countries, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany in particular, have already authorized therapeutic cannabis… Why are we so late? We have to change mentalities and that takes time. Since 2013, in France, a decree authorizes the marketing of cannabinoid-based drugs, the government has therefore noted the need for this therapeutic treatment, but it has not communicated on it ... Basically, we must do tests and it takes years, but patients don't have to suffer from the length of political negotiations with the pharmaceutical lobbies.

This dispensation from the penalty is a first in France, and we hope it may be the beginning of a medical legalization of cannabis in our territory. To be continued ...

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