Cannabis wine has a unique feature

Californian winemakers from Rebel Coast blend wine and cannabis

 It is an alcohol-free wine naturally enriched with THC by infusion of cannabis. The goal is simple: to have the feeling of drunkenness without a hangover.  The two plants unite in the vats, but also grow together on the same vineyard.

Sipping cannabis isn't something completely new.

alcohol, winegrowers, Rebel Coast, wine and cannabis, wine
bottle of cannabis wine

From brewed coffee to water, you can add THC to virtually any liquid.

Mixing wine with cannabis resin is nothing new at all. 3700 years ago, this process was already encountered in Middle-East, and the introduction of psychotropic plants into wine was even a regular occurrence.
On the other hand, the association between cannabis and alcohol often produces effects that are too intense.
The Rebel Coast wine producer is here to remedy this problem.

Perfect weather conditions

alcohol, winegrowers, Rebel Coast, wine and cannabis, wine

The grapes used to make wine and cannabis require the same climate. In addition, both plants finish their maturation at about the same time.

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Currently, cannabis and alcohol can legally never be consumed in the same place at the same time, let alone be present in a wine.

Although there are products that contain both cannabis and alcohol, most of them have a THC content of no more than 1%, and most importantly they are not designed to provide an effect comparable to other products with a higher level of THC.

alcohol, winegrowers, Rebel Coast, wine and cannabis, wine

There is also the fact that the combination of alcohol and cannabis can lead to unwanted and overly intense effects. And often, a monumental hangover the next day.

So, is there a way around this problem? Yes, thanks to the world's first cannabis-free wine, a sauvignon blanc infused with THC.

alcohol, winegrowers, Rebel Coast, wine and cannabis, wine
Rebel Coast Winery merges cannabis and wine

Company Rebel Coast Winery was founded in 2012 by Chip Forsythe, in order to realize his passion for wine. It is only today that the Californian winemaker decided to include cannabis ... while removing alcohol from the drink in order to comply with the legislation.

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Can we drink it immediately? At the moment the bottles are available for pre-order only.

Still a little patience.


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