Victory of Floyd Landis

Floyd Landis - Victory of a fallen Cyclist of the Tour de France Floyd Landis - The fallen winner of the Tour de France 2006 launches in the cannabis business, in the United States

Floyd Landis - Victory of a fallen Tour de France cyclist

Floyd Landis - Fallen 2006 Tour de France winner embarks on cannabis business in the United States


Floyd Landis is a 40-year-old American cyclist from Farmerville, PA. Winner of the Tour de France in 2006, we learn that Landis tested positive for testosterone. Declaring himself to be non-doped, he undergoes six more tests, all negative, and claims that his "testosterone levels have always been exceptionally high", and that it has nothing to do with doping. Deprived of his title four years later for doping, Landis admits he's had a rough time since his unsuccessful attempt at a return to cycling. January 18, 2011, he announced his retirement from the sports world ...

Floyd Landis

"Floyd went to 'USA Cycling' and said the sports world is rotten to the core," says World Anti-Doping Agency


June 2016, Landis organizes a big party for the launch of the Floyd's of Leadville in Colorado, his business specializes in Medical (and recreational) Cannabis.

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With the help of his former teammate David Zabriskie (wearing the yellow jersey in 2005), Floyd Landis offers cannabis-based products, mainly oil made in an approved laboratory. Her store includes topical care creams and other marijuana infused products aimed primarily at athletes.


 "The therapeutic uses of cannabis cannot be ignored", reports the ex-cyclist in a press release. Cycling News

The 3 CEOs of Floyd's of Leadville

Like Eugene Monroe, Landis campaigns for the use of Cannabinoids, in order to manage the pain associated with sports injuries. His own brand is currently distributed to dispensaries in Colorado, one of the 5 states to have legalized marijuana for therapeutic and recreational use.

"Thanks to cannabis, I managed the pain better and I could enjoy a better quality of life" Floyd Landis


Cannabis is becoming a legal and lucrative business in North America, Landis & Zabrisikie seem to have taken revenge on this sporting environment which still struggles to discredit marijuana as a doping product.

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