This company manufactures sportswear impregnated with CBD

Acabada Active is the first clothing company in the world to have soaked CBD fabrics

A New York sportswear company had the unique idea of ​​introducing CBD into the fabrics of its clothing. Acabada Active says it's the world's first fitness apparel company supposed to relieve muscle aches and joints during training. Although strange, the product makes sense because the positive effects of CBD on inflammationmuscle pain and skin have been widely reported.

With an experience of more than 60 years in the fashion industry and a direct knowledge of the lifestyle needs of an active woman, Acabada Active decided to create innovative sportswear that would make women feel better.

On the company's website, they explain that the tissues are infused with microscopic droplets of high quality pure crystalline CBD isolate so that pain relief is present as soon as one begins to sweat while wearing them. clothing.

There are endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body, including the different layers of the skin such as the dermis, epidermis, hair follicles and sebaceous glands. With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD offers users benefits that range from anxiety reduction to help with sleep and recovery after intense exercise.

But there is of course a life to this, the presence and effect of CBD in clothing is only temporary. The website explains that the compound will disappear from clothes after about 40 washes, after which you will only have nice workout clothes.

Acabada Activewear sells all kinds of fitness products, from leggings to tops, but there is something innovative about incorporating the cannabidiol compound which will surely attract the attention of many fitness enthusiasts.

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