VetCBD a highly animal CBD oil

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VetCBD, a highly concentrated CBD oil that relieves seizures and pains in our four-legged companions

An American company exports CBD oil only for veterinary use. VetCBD designed the natural treatment for animals with medical problems sometimes difficult. That is to say, just like humans, CBD relieves pain, infections, seizures and much more in our dear four-legged friends.

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Medical cannabis for veterinary care

After decades of research in the field of cannabis, in particular in the medical world, have resulted in the discovery of enormous therapeutic potential. Notably with CBD (cannabidiol) - one of the main cannabinoids in cannabis also known as the "medical cannabinoid".

oil, CBD, veterinary, animals, VetCBD
Dogs need CBD relaxation too

It is now recognized that a high concentration of CBD oil helps people and even children in the treatment of serious illnesses. But care for humans is also a medical alternative for our animal friends. So a company from the United States in the last few years has started providing access to medical cannabis to our four-legged friends.

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The company VetCBD in recent years has been offering high concentration CBD oil to man's best friend. An oil that contains a THC concentration of less than 1% intended for use in the veterinary treatment of animals. This concerns cats, dogs and much more. The VetCBD range consists of a high quality oil, administration syringes or simple capsules to swallow.

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The VetCBD therapeutic product range

Dr. Tim (Tim Shu), founder and CEO, said in an interview that his unique CBD-based products have already received recommendations from many veterinarians. And its products are now sold as medical marijuana in 70 stores in California and on the internet.

oil, CBD, veterinary, animals, VetCBD
VetCBD a revolutionary medicine for animals

Due to the high concentration of CBD (and the presence of THC), you cannot directly purchase these products from standard stores. -But, that's what makes them considered as medical cannabis ... With the same restrictions depending on the state or country. However, whatever the administration says, they do not contain enough THC to produce a psychoactive effect. In addition, they are therefore safe to use and are sold without a special prescription.

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Animals that smile again

oil, CBD, veterinary, animals, VetCBD

A documentary concerning the treatment of dogs with medical marijuana was broadcast on the CNBC communications network. Cannabis oil VetCBD has been examined from the perspective of dog owners, who have discovered a very effective new drug.

“My dog ​​is swimming again and can even run freely in the park. Said Debra Jantz. Indeed, the dog Tyler suffered from severe arthritis which prevented her from walking ... After starting the treatment, Tyler returned to his full health and fully recovered from his illness.

Apart from the oil's ability to treat complex infections, it is also suitable for more serious afflictions. Jake Snapin, the owner of the dog Sun who suffers from severe seizures testifies to this. The relapses that normally accompany his epileptic case have completely disappeared ... Cases that make us think of the benefits of medical cannabis on humans ...

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