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The main Kush varieties

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The cannabis strains of Kush appellation

Marijuana is a resinous plant that is categorized as either hybrid, sativa or indica. This is based on the morphology of the plant and its anticipated effects. However, cannabis has an additional categorization that is defined by existing pop culture. This involves Kush and its strains such as Purple Kush and Haze Kush. Each strain variety of Kush marijuana is defined by its taste, smell, location, and effects. Kush strains are the most demanded among marijuana users and are especially famous in the United States. Very appreciated for their taste and their powerful effect.


Kush is a strain that comes from the Hindu Kush mountains. You will find this mountain on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is one of the few indigenous areas where marijuana is grown. Cannabis strains “Hindu Kush” were brought to the United States in the 1970s, and continue to be available there to this day. Kush strains were among those cultivated by the British firm GW Pharmaceuticals for its legally authorized commercial trial of medicinal cannabis.

When the Kush marijuana genetics are strong, it means that the cannabis strain will have distinct attributes such as:

  • Odour - you will have an earthy aroma, which could also be pungent and floral, also an odor like incense, pine, spice, herbs, citrus ...
  • Appearence - your cannabis strain might display leaves with a small goal sign. The hairs or pistils may appear rusty or bronze. The buds will be a bit heavy and dense.
  • Flavor - when you smoke it, you should have a mild, tasting flavor like grape, earth, flowers or citrus.
  • Effects - Kush marijuana typically varies between dominance of indica and hyrid strains. The effects of this strain tend to be sedating and heavy. The different OG Kush strains generally give a euphoric high, putting a smile on the user's face.
  • Another effect of Kush marijuana is the inner reflection or introspection. Kush is a meditative strain. Be aware that the attributes associated with Kush can vary from strain to strain. It also depends on how the strain was cultivated and the distinct genetics or phenotype of the strain.

The most popular Kush varieties

Kush marijuana is part of a crossbreeding process with the stability of hybrid genetics. As is the case with many strains of cannabis, the genetics of Kush marijuana exhibit increased resistance, typical of their origin. This includes vegetation that is able to survive with reasonable water use, as well as in harsh and cold climates. But it also allows the marijuana plant to endure the hot climate and parched terrain.

Additionally, many Kush strain marijuana growers choose this strain because of their controllable height and rather impressive yields. Kush strains are popular and have stood the test of time, the main ones are:

Bubba Kush

Although not as potent as other Kush strains, Bubba Kush has a perfectly balanced high and she induces a very pleasant and relaxing state. And this without quickly becoming too intrusive. For this reason, Bubba Kush is considered a strain with medical value. It relieves pain and tension, and can even stun if necessary, for those who suffer from sleep disorders.

Master Kush

Master Kush is a strain that has grown in popularity over the past few years as the default medical Kush strain. It produces an herb that is both moist and very pleasant, while being relaxing and drowsy. This Kush strain is quite an old one, as it won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1992 and 1993. The fact that it is still so well regarded after so much time is proof of its quality and heritage. The great taste and the raw stoning power are all reasons to try it.

Skywalker OG

Skywalker is a highly prized clone in the USA for its intense fragrance, abundant resin and generous production. Skywalker Kush will therefore present a typical structure of the OG family: apex size, suppercropping and other cultivation optimization techniques will give very good results. The Skywalker Kush variety will therefore be a suitable cannabis genetics for making homemade hashish, due to the abundance of resin extracted, as well as its excellent quality.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a pure indica that first appeared in Oakland, California with a cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Its aroma is subtle and earthy with typical Kush notes. Its euphoric effects usually last a very long time. While the induced physical relaxation rids the body of its pain, insomnia and stress. Purple Kush is known to be one of the strongest indica in the world. Because, its powerful effects are almost narcotic. It is one of the oldest varieties of medical cannabis in Oakland.

OG Kush

However among the Kush strains the most famous and popular in the family is arguably OG Kush. Considered one of a kind, very potent, productive, and medicinal, OG Kush is a classic. It is appreciated by artists, connoisseurs and medical consumers. There are few Kush that are so popular. This premium strain is characterized by a strong joyful and euphoric high.

The OG Kush strain is subject to some disagreement within the cannabis community. Indeed, some call it "Ocean grow kush" and others "Original gangster kush". In addition, this variety of cannabis is a question for experts as to its genetic parents. Experts agree on two of the three parents. The first being Chemdog, the second being Lemon Thai but the third remains a mystery. Also, they agree that it is either an Afghan herb or a Pakistani herb. Others claim that it is a cross of chemdawg from the 1990s ... Finally as they say, "everyone sees noon at their door" ...

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