Jamaican varieties set foot in Canadian medical cannabis

jamaican strains gain a foothold in canadian medical cannabis

The Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective (JMCC) of Toronto has signed contracts to supply Jamaican cannabis to three Canadian companies.

Lift & Co., the Canadian medical cannabis market show, held its largest exhibition in Toronto from May 25-27. It hosted nearly 20 people at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Less than three days were devoted to cannabis education, product placement and trend observation.

The event was a big moment for the cannabis companies. Especially since legalization in Canada. The recreational cannabis stands have taken two levels of the convention.

However, it is the Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective (JMCC), which has been the subject of all attention.

JMCC has signed contracts to supply Jamaican cannabis to three Canadian companies. It has the support of the Jamaican government and the collective of farmers with which they partner. In addition, letters of intent were written to provide seven more. Of course, all of these projects are awaiting approval from health authorities in Canada. But there are a lot of people investing to make it happen, and for good reason.

So as Diane Scott, CEO of JMCC, explains, it's not just about procurement. It's about access to the diversity of the best product available for those who need it most. Indeed, Jamaica has a long history with the plant and its medicinal properties.

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Medical cannabis: an ancient Jamaican tradition

“To treat a child with a cold, a Jamaican mother or grandmother rubs cannabis oil on the chest. This knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. The deep cultural relationship, the medicinal healing properties of the plant are all there. ”

Since the 1970s, Jamaica has been a leader in the science of medical cannabis. Dr. Henry Lowe, a Jamaican scientist and pioneer in the formulation of medicinal cannabis drugs. It recently received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration for a cannabis drug. It will be used to treat acute myeloid leukemia. Lowe chose JMCC to provide these human trials through the JMCC Foundation, whose mission, according to Scott, is to invest 10% of annual profits to help scientific, educational, environmental and community support programs in Jamaica.

Preserving medical cannabis as a natural heritage

Jamaica is also leading the way in cannabis horticulture. Thus it launches a national initiative aimed at preserving the indigenous cannabis varieties of the island.

The optimal conditions for growing cannabis in Jamaica have created some of the best varieties in the world.

Other countries should follow Jamaica's path for the preservation of heritage stocks.

“Cannabis is booming around the world, and you have growers in Jamaica who are promising, and it can only be better for the industry. "

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