The advantages of vaporizer and vaporizer

the advantages of the vaporizer

The benefits of Vaporization

Vaporization is a technology designed to deliver inhaled cannabinoids while avoiding the respiratory risks of smoking. When you burn a dry plant, it produces thousands of chemicals in the smoke. This is true for both tobacco and weed. A new study conducted by Chemic Labs in Massachusetts examines the vaporization of cannabis smoke. A first study of its kind which analyzes these vapors in the gaseous state. This study was used to evaluate the effectiveness of a vaporizer known as Volcano®, produced by Storz & Bickel. Apparently, vaporization seems to be an interesting alternative to smoke.

Differences between combustion and vaporization

Simply put, combustion is the process of burning something. At the chemical level, combustion breaks the bonds between the carbon atoms of organic molecules present in plants, thus creating highly reactive fragments called free radicals. These free radicals can combine with each other or with other molecules to produce an amazing variety of products.

Vaporization is a slightly more complex process that involves a phase transition from liquid to vapor. Using a device, the herb heats up to an ideal temperature to release the aromas and active ingredients in the form of vapor. Sufficient heat is required to produce medically active vapors; below the combustion threshold, where smoke and toxins are formed.

The advantages of the vaporizer
Chemical differences between combustion and vaporization

The smoke produced by the combustion of cannabis generally contains toxins similar to those found in tobacco smoke. More than 100 carcinogenic chemicals are present in cigarette smoke, including carbon atoms, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Comparative study on the benefits of vaporization

According to this survey, vaporization drastically reduces the number of these toxins: 88% of the gases in the smoke were not cannabinoids and 99% of the active substances in cannabis were found in the vapor. The vaporizer will go so far as to completely eliminate the naphthalene, benzene, and toluene.

The study took place in two phases:

  • Quantitative analysis of the solid phase of the vapor to determine the amount of cannabinoids delivered
  • Vapor gas phase analysis for a wide range of toxins and other polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons

Three 200 mg cannabis samples were vaporized at temperatures ranging from 155 ° to 218 ° C.

The results indicate that the vaporization provides therapeutic doses of cannabinoids with a drastic reduction in pyrolytic smoke compounds. Vaporization therefore appears to be an attractive alternative to smoke for future studies on medical cannabis.

The study authors said that the harmful toxins in smoke can be effectively prevented by a vaporizer device. It should be noted that vaporizers using the respiratory tract for the delivery of non-carcinogenic cannabis vapors, eliminatede the carcinogenic potential of smoked cannabis by combustion.

Is the vaporizer therapeutic?

In 2003, the only means of consumption for scientific or medical purposes was via a rolled cigarette. Today the results of this study provide unwavering support for vaporizing weed users.

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Other studies have shown that the cannabinoids found in cannabis smoke, but not in tobacco smoke, support lung tissue cells against the effects of carcinogens (PAHs).

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are very toxic and known to cause carcinogenic diseases. Significant concentrations of PAHs present in tar stains are easily observed on cigarette filters and pipes used for smoking cannabis.

Some scientists believe that cannabis smoke is less toxic than tobacco smoke. It is proven that the nicotine, present in tobacco smoke increases the toxicity of PAHs but not that of cannabis.

This global trend will make you fully enjoy the virtues of cannabis. With this method, the substances easily pass into the blood and the effects are quite rapid. However, there are many different vaporizer models out there and they all work differently. From one vape to another, we vary on the quality of the vapor and the duration of the vaping sessions.

The differences between vaporizing and smoking cannabis

Another important advantage of vaporizing over smoking is that cannabis smoke contains many other components that do not cause cancer but cause irritation to the lungs and respiratory tract. Vaporization removes a large number of these components by preventing combustion. Another survey shows that patients themselves report a decrease in irritation from vaporization.

It should also be borne in mind that the burning of cannabis causes the destruction of the active cannabinoids, resulting in a significant reduction in the desired effects of cannabis. Cannabinoid molecules are broken down into free radicals just like other molecules in the plant when smoked. Vaporization does not break down cannabinoids. Thus, tests show that an amount of vaporized cannabis provides a greater amount of cannabinoids to the user than combustion.

In the end, therefore, cannabis smoke appears to be less toxic than tobacco smoke. However, cannabis smoke contains many of the carcinogenic PAH compounds found in tobacco smoke. So it makes sense to avoid them by using a vaporizer. It also makes sense to avoid destroying a significant fraction of the cannabinoids while smoking cannabis. After all, cannabinoids are responsible for the desired effects derived from the use of cannabis.

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Mixture of tobacco in the mixed

In recent years, several studies have found that smoking weed is not harmful to the lungs. Despite these results, most consumers still continue to smoke their mixture with tobacco. At the same time, medical cannabis is democratizing a new way of consuming. The vaporization method allows the flower to be heated to an optimal temperature in order to extract the active ingredients. This simple method is becoming a worldwide trend and since then it is also a alternative to stop smoking.

6 good reasons to switch from smoking to vaping

1. Less damage to your lungs

The combustion process creates a variety of chemical precipitation such as carbon monoxide or tar. It is not healthy for the respiratory system even if it is used on the plant alone without tobacco.

Cannabis without Mix

The vaporizing action brings the active ingredients of the herb to a temperature lower than that required for the start of the combustion process, thus protecting the user from these sediments (physico-chemical composition) and from the tobacco itself, which are not required in the vaporization process.

2. Immediate effect

It is possible to consume in food form by mouth but the effects will be present only a few hours later. In vaporization, the fumes enter the body through the lungs and the effect is immediate.

3. Discretion

In countries where the plant is illegal, any type of bong or water pipe is not an applicable solution, especially when one is interested in consumption outside the home. Therefore, rolling your joint is often not possible in all places. The pocket vaporizer is a quick, discreet and practical solution for different situations and without preliminary (rolling, burning, mixing)

Benefits of vaporization
discreet vape

4. Less attention to the consumer

The police applying the law to the letter and constantly struggling against soft drugs in the street know very well the smell of a seal and can detect even at a distance. On the other hand, the fumes from the vaporization raise with them the most subtle scent that disappears quickly.

5. True aroma

Terpenes. responsible for the unique scent and flavor of the flower, are completely burnt during combustion which diminishes the taste and aroma in considerable ways. Vaporization allows to keep its terpenes and exhaust all the aromatic flavor of the plant so the new user will experience a more pronounced taste different from the familiar taste.

6. Cleanliness

The main impurity that accompanies the act of smoking is quite simply the combustion mentioned above. By eliminating the presence of fire, the vaporizer stays clean over time and requires almost no maintenance. In addition, our surroundings will not be affected by ash or residues specific to tobacco. Despite everything, the cigarette industry is still money factories, the awareness is up to you.

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