Medical use of cannabis totally approved in Mexico

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Chamber of Deputies of Mexico approves medical uses of cannabis

The Mexican Congress designates the legislative assemblies of Mexico. The Mexican Congress has two chambers, the Senate (upper house) and the Chamber of Deputies (lower house). The latter passed a bill on Friday approving the use of marijuana for medical purposes. This is the latest in a series of legal changes and court decisions that have slightly relaxed cannabis laws in Mexico.


Last change

The measure does not allow smoking of marijuana, but directs the Department of Health to:

"Design public policies to regulate the medical use of this plant and its derivatives".

The bill passed Friday by 374 votes against 7, and 11 abstentions. It allows you to grow marijuana for medical or scientific purposes. The law will now be signed by President Enrique Pena Nieto.

As of last year, the Mexican government has begun licensing some patients to import medicinal marijuana products. He has also decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. Also, the government has issued several permits for people to grow and own a plant for personal use. However, these permits covered only the persons concerned. The latter law will apply in the general framework, to all Mexican society.

The bill would also authorize the cultivation of marijuana plants for medical and scientific purposes and would establish only industrial products with 1% THC concentrations. What would be legal to buy, sell, import and export.

Party reactions

Representative Rosa Alba Ramirez of the citizens' movement noted that:

"It does not open the door for general and uncontrolled consumption. Because it includes measures so that the health service can ensure that it is not abused or distorted to expand it to recreational activities. "

The bill has already passed the Senate of Mexico. Representative Arturo Alvarez of the Green Party said:

"It is a step in the right direction of exploring new alternatives of regulated, legalized and supervised use, and can open a new front for the authorities to fight against the dependencies and the violence resulting from the illicit activities. growth, trafficking and consumption of medicines ".

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