Urban Chile: a space of culture at home

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Growing plants at home is nothing new, but doing it easily is finally possible with Urban Chili.

Close-up on Urban Chili, the all-in-one box for the perfect home grower. Who has not dreamed of being able to grow their own plants at home? The Urban Chili box is a compact and ergonomic automated growing cabinet. Urban Chili is not a simple box for cultivating your small garden. Straight from Austria, it is a concentrate of technology allowing to have perfect control over the microclimate that we will develop there. 

What does the box Urban Chile contain?

All the quality and sustainable material to start growing at home.

Urban Chile: a space of culture at home

Discreet and ergonomic

  • ERGONOMICS: With its 40 cm depth dimensions for 60 cm wide and 120 cm high, it fits perfectly in the living room or in a bedroom.
  • DISCRETION: It remains discreet, both in its style, by integrating perfectly with the rest of the furniture, but also by remaining silent and odorless.

Brightness and optimized heat

Indoors, Urban Chili is equipped to grow your plants.

  • LED LIGHTS: On the ceiling of the box, 4 LED sources (blue and red), diffuse a light optimized for growth. This is the heart of the box system. Thus the wavelength of the emitted lights make it possible to guarantee a culture offering the best possible yield. The light energy thus diffused by these LEDs is 550W per m2.

A protected ecosystem

  • ACTIVATED CARBON FILTERED AIR: Still on the ceiling, the charcoal filters provided are installed on either side of the LEDs, in association with a ventilation system. Its purpose is to renew the air inside the Urban Chili. The device of these filters is distributed on the six holes of the aeration, in which there are three layers of filters. They ensure that the air entering the Urban Chili box is always of high quality, protected from insects and diseases, and avoid odors.
  • INTERNAL VENTILATION: An internal ventilation is integrated inside the box. A small fan allows air to circulate in the Urban Chili.
  • QUIET SYSTEM: Everything is perfectly silent, so that its operation does not disturb either day or evening. This point is essential knowing that it will have to operate 24 hours a day. The manufacturer specifies that under these conditions the ventilation system can last four years.

The pot, the basin and the watering

Urban Chile: a space of culture at home
  • CULTIVATION IN FOUR POTS: Just place the basin that will accommodate the four pots in which the plants will grow. Thus, watering can be done once a week by filling the basin with 5 liters of water. It is also possible to water every day if desired.

Monitor his plants

Urban Chile: a space of culture at home
  • TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY MONITORING: A thermometer monitors the internal temperature of the box. In addition, a hygrometer monitors the humidity level. If the sensors are inside the growbox, an external screen allows you to access this information. Make sure that the temperature of the room, in which the Urban Chili is located, is around 20 to 25 degrees. It is necessary to place the box in the room offering the best conditions of use.
  • TIMER INTEGRATED IN THE SOCKET: In addition, in order to have perfect control over the operation of the box, a socket with a timer accompanies the box. Thus, it makes it possible to program the periods of illumination of the plants.

The Urban Chili box therefore brings together all the elements in order to have a culture in apartment and in all discretion. In addition, each of its components is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 3 years.

All you have to do is try the experience, Urban Chile allows you to set off with peace of mind.

Urban Chile rates start from 1499 euros.

Calculate how much you are spending on purchasing your plants, and how much you can save in the medium term. It is a real investment.

Want to try the experience? More info on the Urban Chili website.

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