Unusual: on several occasions a drone scattered weed bags in the city of Tel Aviv

Drone drops grass over Tel Aviv

Hundreds of cannabis pouches fell from the sky in the city of Tel Aviv last night and this morning in Rabin and Dizengoff squares. The dispersion was carried out using drones which hovered over the two large squares. The objective being to promote a new open sales channel under the name of "Green Skimmer" a group of the telegram application that operates in.Telegrass, the cannabis supermarket. Following these events two suspected drone pilot men were arrested by the police immediately after the operation.

This drone dropped packages of cannabis after activists seeking to legalize promised to release the weed on social media.

"The time has come," pro-legalization group Green Drone said on its Telegram webmail channel. “Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? No, it's the Green Drone that sends you free weed from the sky. "

In a statement, police said they suspected the bags were filled with a "dangerous drug" and that officers had managed to recover dozens of them. Photos distributed by police showed what appeared to be cannabis inside.

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The Maariv news website, which featured photos of the drone dropping the bags, said passers-by took some of them before police arrived. The footage showed people walking in traffic to pick up packages that had fallen on a road.

cannabis pouch, cannabis drone

Currently, the medical use of cannabis is permitted in Israel, while recreational use is illegal but largely decriminalized.

In May, Israel agreed to the export of medical cannabis, paving the way for overseas sales from which the government hopes to earn hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

In the last few hours, after the event ended, it turned out that a similar operation had already taken place last night at Dizengoff Square in the city. In the video that was distributed, you can actually see the spectacular sight of hundreds of bags of cannabis falling from the sky.

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