UK masked hero distributes free cannabis and toilet paper

This Manchester hero travels the neighborhoods distributing basic necessities

In North West Europe, in the British Isles, an anonymous hero in mask, or simply seeking to protect others, rose to fame thanks to a viral video posted on Instagram. This hero is dedicated to roaming the neighborhoods distributing free cannabis to all the needy currently in shortage due to covid 19. The man calling himself Outlaw, is already known for his money donations to the homeless downtown. city ​​of Manchester. He also distributes toilet paper and hydro-alcoholic hand solutions.

masked hero, toilet paper, Outlaw Lockdown Essentials

A video with Bobby McFerrin's famous song "Don't Worry, Be Happy" in the background and a featured delivery man is causing a stir. In the video, you can see the character with his van delivering essentials to the gates of people calling for refueling. On the vehicle he uses for its distribution, he carries a sign indicating free “Essential Insulation Materials”: ​​roll of toilet paper, disinfectant, water bottle, grinders, weeds ”. We can understand material for people in isolation….

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I made a request on Instagram to see if anyone needed anything: I received over 6000 requests for submissions from various supporters, "" from the elderly to the young, vulnerable and disabled, or people who have just finished their stocks .. I am propagating positivity in this dark and uncertain time when it is needed. the Outlaw in Hold My Blunt is there to save you!

It wouldn't be the first time that Manchester-based music producer and activist OUTLAW has performed a trick like this. He has become a sort of mythical figure in the city. Last summer, to the delight of everyone except Greater Manchester Police, he handed out small sacks of weed to everyone passing by.

masked hero, toilet paper, Outlaw Lockdown Essentials

“Keep an eye out for the 'Outlaw Lockdown Essentials' coming up this weekend and next week. If you don't see it, you will probably hear it! “And don't worry, be happy,” the hero said. “No one is funding this other than me. With cannabis, I only had ten ounces before it started. " 

A few days ago, with his face covered, the activist distributed over 300 packets of toilet paper, bottled water, grinders, disinfectants and cannabis (still illegal in the UK). His new poster, on his truck, recalls the safety instructions: "please keep a distance of 2 m"

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"I do no harm and no loss for anyone, since some people sell it," he told the Daily Mail. “We challenge laws and legislation in the UK and love to test authority. Until someone can convince us that there is a legitimate reason cannabis is illegal. We will continue to do what we do and we will continue to push the barrier, regardless of the law.

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