An Israeli university specialized in grass

Israeli University Specialized in Medical Cannabis

An Israeli university specializing in medical cannabis

Israel has just taken another step forward in the world of cannabis. has taken another step forward in the cannabis space. Indeed, Ariel University offers the very first university course specializing in medical cannabis. The country has pioneered cannabis research since the late 1960s, when the Dr Raphael Mechoulam was the first to research the psychoactive properties of the plant (THC). Today Israel will be the first country to offer formal academic training on medical cannabis.


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Israeli researchers have continued to make vital contributions to cannabis research. From now on, students will be able to train specifically in medical cannabis. The course is recognized by the Council for Higher Education. Students will learn a wide range of subjects, including the legal status and history of medical cannabis. As well as advanced training in cannabis cultivation, clinical applications of the herb, and the ethical dilemmas that accompany cannabis therapies.

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Already 117 students have been accepted and many more have been refused. This is a good sign for the popularity of the program in the future, but also of its quality. The program was started by Dr Michael Dor. Dor a man of talent, he is the main lecturer in health matters at the University of Medical Sciences. The doctor is also the senior advisor to the Ministry of Health and a former ministerial official. He will lead the new course at Ariel University.

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The priority of registrations is aimed at people with experience in the health sector. All students must have a minimum of one year of schooling. Clinical trials will be the main focus of the course. More clinical trials on cannabis products are piling up. However, trials have been limited in the past by strict research regulations in other countries.


The inability to patent the cannabis plant is likely to have also contributed to the lack of pharmaceutical research on the subject. But, Dor's new program is a major step towards better integration of the plant into medical communities. This will encourage more informed medical use, and hopefully more high quality research in the field.

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Medical only

Unfortunately for those interested in recreational cannabis, the class has a strict focus on medical cannabis. The plant is illegal for recreational and non-medical purposes in Israel. Marijuana is still considered a hard drug, just like cocaine. . During the course, students will receive an opinion from an anti-drug authority on the social harms of the non-medical use of cannabis.


Israel bans the occasional use of cannabis, but its medical cannabis program has been expanding. Thousands of patients are now receiving medical cannabis to relieve symptoms of cancer, epilepsy and other debilitating health conditions. Israeli growers have also introduced impressive medical strains to the market. One is Avidekel, raised by Tikun-Olam. Avidekel is a high CBD cannabis plant.

Cannabis prescription in Israel also concerns THC

In a 2015 pre-clinical study, Avidekel extracts outperformed isolated CBD in tests for inflammation in rodents. In 2014, some even speculated that Israel was preparing to become the world leader in medicinal cannabis cultivation.

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