New technology: The mucoadhesive patch

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Patch who are you?

The mucoadhesive patch is an innovative administration system. It is a flexible patch that will release the active ingredients of cannabinoids in sublingual - it is through the lining of the mouth.

When unity is strength ...

The biopharmaceutical company The Greater Cannabis Company, is focused on the development and commercialization of innovative systems for the cannabis market. It's with iCAN Cannabis - world potency of the cannabis ecosystem - that has been concluded the extension and distribution of a mucoadhesive patch on the world markets: Israel, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Malta, Macedonia and the Portuguese territories.

"Aitan Zacharin, CEO of Greater Cannabis said," I am pleased to announce our partnership with iCAN. [...] We look forward to working with iCan to bring our advanced technology to consumers around the world. Says Aitan Zacharin, CEO of Greater Cannabis.

Saul Kaye, iCAN's industry and management leader, is excited to offer products distributed through our many channels. And if the patch technology is an impressive innovation, Saul Kaye believes that this technology can redefine the way consumers perceive cannabis. Whether it's the weaker dosage form, the slow, controlled release mechanisms, or the ability to use it anywhere, the product will likely resonate well with consumers.

Clinical studies funded in part by the National Institutes of Health have demonstrated the ability of the sublingual delivery system to achieve better bioavailability. By using lower doses and controlled in the body, the results are convincing compared to other routes of administration.

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