An X-ray scanner made of hemp

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TechnoArge, an innovative Turkish research company manufactures X-ray machines from hemp composites

The Turkish company has created an X-ray scanner for airports made from a hemp-based composite that prevents radiation from spreading in the environment.

The composite material blocks radiation emissions, said Muzaffer Gökçimen, managing director of the company.

"The industrial cannabis fiber used in composite manufacturing absorbs radiation," he says, adding that the scanner also disinfects luggage during the scanning period.

According to the British Institute of Radiology, standard X-ray scanners emit very low doses of radiation.

The company is also working on a bullet proof vest made of hemp composite, said Gökçimen.

bulletproof vest made of hemp composite

he reports that vests are lighter, cheaper and 20 times more durable than standard bulletproof vests.

"We are aiming to make automotive supplies from cannabis composites within a year," he added.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently announced that 19 Turkish cities had been allowed to grow cannabis. Since the 1990 years, cannabis production has been limited to prevent the production of marijuana.

Cannabis is used as a raw material in the textile industriesautomotive, wood, plastic, construction, textiles, cosmetics, biodiesel, food, paper and energy.

Based in Avcılar, Istanbul, the company manufactures bullet-proof armor, X-ray machines and hand sanitizers with hemp composite materials.

Developing innovative products from hemp, TechnoArge has also filed national and international patent applications for hemp composites.

"The X-ray scanner has been patented in 144 country," he added.

TechnoArge CEO, Muzaffer Gökçimen, said at the Anadolu Agency that the company has been innovating in the field of public health since 19 years and that it uses these composites taking into account public health, by adding the industrial hemp fiber used in the manufacture of composites to absorb radiation.

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