A degree in cannabis will be awarded by the University of Colorado

Colorado's “higher” education department lives up to its name.

This department of one of the first American states to legalize cannabis has announced Colorado State University: Pueblo will begin offering a bachelor's degree in cannabis biology and chemistry on Friday. So, if a young university student tells you that he is “studying the herb”, he will not necessarily be content with rolling a joint in his student room but rather a “demanding” state diploma in cannabis.

According to the Denver Post, the course “Cannabis, Biology and Chemistry” will be available to undergraduates wishing to study the sciences necessary to succeed in the cannabis industry, starting this fall. The program has been described as being similar to a bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry, and includes a laboratory licensed to grow industrial hemp so that students can work with plant-derived cannabinoids.

It follows the announcement of a new research center built to study the chemical compounds of hemp, which is slated to open at the College of Natural Sciences on Colorado State University's Fort Collins campus in the spring.

The decision to launch this program comes at a time when the cannabis industry is booming and when legalization is increasing access to this substance across the country.

"This is a rigorous degree, adapted to the growing demand that is emerging because of the cannabis industry," said David Lehmpuhl, dean of the College of Science and Mathematics at CSU-Pueblo, at The Denver Post. “Hemp and marijuana have really come to the fore in many economic sectors of the country. We are neither pro-cannabis nor anti-cannabis. What interests us is the science and the training of students so that they are interested in this science ”.

The course emphasizes natural products including the study of the genetics of cannabis and other plants, supplemented by additional courses in neurobiology, biochemistry and genetics and analytical chemistry, including the discovery and measurement of the CBD concentration of certain products.

The program is one of the first of its kind, with CSU-Pueblo officials citing the Northern Michigan Herbal Chemistry degree in their program proposal as a similar degree that prepares students for jobs related to cannabis. Since the legalization of marijuana sales, Colorado has seen the industry boom, with annual cannabis sales exceeding $ XNUMX billion. Officials believe the new program will be very popular and anticipate high demand for the program.

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