Israeli college offers specialized degree in medical cannabis

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Northern Israeli university college to be the first to offer specialized medical undergraduate degree

Le Max Stern Yezreel Valley College, Which houses about 5000 students and between Afula and Nazareth, announced Monday that new students would be able to continue behavioral science studies with a specialization in medical marijuana, allowing graduates to play a role in "industries the most prosperous of Israel.

"The cannabis industry today is no longer what it was 10 years ago, Israel needs and can also run this industry," said college president Professor Itzhak Harpaz.

The courses offered in the program that will begin in the next academic year will focus on the growth and production of medical cannabis, medicine, pharmacology, economics and law.

Efrat Barel, Emek Yezreel Academic College
Dr. Efrat Barel

"The objective of the program is to train graduates in new professions in the field of medical cannabis, while allowing them to gain experience in this field," said Dr. Efrat Barel, manager of the new program. "The broad educational base will allow graduates to understand all the aspects required and their integration into the workforce will add value to the sector." "

During the third year of study, students will also benefit from practical experience in cannabis farms and production plants, and attend seminars organized by research divisions of pharmaceutical companies and university research laboratories.

This industry is already characterized by many new companies and technologies, it is clear that its economic potential can reach tens of billions of dollars. We are proud to be the first to develop an academic specialization in the field of medical cannabis, said the president of the college.

In January, the Israeli government approved exports of medical cannabis grown in Israel to the global legal market, estimated to be worth $ 28 billion by 2024. The state could earn between 1-4 billion shekel tonight 1,09 billion dollars thanks to exports. Licenses will be issued exclusively by the Ministry of Health and must be approved by the police.

"Given the significant impact of this industry on the Israeli economy in the coming years, skilled professionals are needed to enter the field of medical cannabis and progress in parallel," said Harpaz.

Measures to facilitate exports have been followed by domestic reforms announced by the Ministry of Health these last months, including allowing patients suffering from certain medical conditions to receive medical cannabis prescription instead of seeking authorization from the Ministry of Health, as well as the creation of an inter-ministerial committee to oversee the pricing of cannabis-based products.

Source: The JPost

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