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Rada Human Rights Committee supports legalization of cannabis in Ukraine

More than 25 000 Ukrainians have signed a petition asking the government to remove cannabis from the list of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances illicit.

The Human Rights Committee of Ukraine's unicameral parliament has supported a petition to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. Reported by the news agency TASS.

Human Rights Committee, Ukraine
Ulyana Suprun

Ukrainian Health Minister Ulyana Suprun also expressed her support for the appeal, saying that marijuana will help alleviate the suffering of patients and improve their health in some serious diseases and conditions. According to her, the consumption of cannabis for medical purposes is " a current global practice" page (in French).

Currently, the use and consumption of cannabis is prohibited in Ukraine, but a special working group will be established to examine this issue.

Human Rights Committee, Ukraine
March for the legalization of marijuana in Kiev

In the Russian neighbors

In January, it was announced that the Russian health ministry would allow the importation of hashish, cannabis oil and flowers for medical research. At the same time, the Ministry of Health categorically opposes the legalization of soft drugs. In the words of Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova.

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In October 2018, the Russian government approved a bill on the production of narcotic plants for medical purposes.

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