Tyson wants to expand his ranch and creates a village of stoners


The boxing legend wants his cannabis station on 165 hectares

Iron Mike, 52, started his own business in 2016 called Tyson Holistic Holdings and now has his own cannabis farm in Southern California. Taking advantage of legalization to expand his business, he reveals the intention to launch a cannabis center on 165 hectares.

Tyson Holistic Holdings, Tyson

I thought about all the good I could do by helping people with cannabis.

When you have probably as much wealth and time as Mike Tyson, anything is possible. Tyson Ranch produces stumps, edible products and by-products. Here is what is planned in this future holiday center:

  • A music festival
  • The longest lazy river in the world (water game)
  • There are plans for a hotel
  • Tyson University, which will focus on teaching cultivation techniques
  • The ranch will be used for research purposes
  • A video game arena
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One of the main goals of this business is to educate and engage the public in the therapeutic properties of cannabis, especially CBD. Tyson himself has created his own CopperGel product, in which they are now attempting to incorporate CBD. Tyson Holistic has also invested in CHILL, a water company that develops alkaline water infused with CBD.

As someone who has spent most of their life fighting and used opiates for pain relief, perhaps it's no surprise that Tyson is heavily invested in the healing power of CBD. "I have been fighting for over 20 years and my body is very worn out", he explained. “I had two surgeries and used marijuana to calm my nerves and it would ease the pain.


Tyson, who once said he "killed the monster in him" by smoking toad venom in the desert, told Cannabis Tech Today: "I thought of all the good I could do by helping people with cannabis. He firmly believes that cannabis can help people move away from opioid dependence.

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For this reason, Tyson works strategically with professional athletes and veterans to help promote the healing benefits of the substance. Among his main investors and advisers are former NBA commissioner David Stern and former NBA player Al Harrington. 

Tyson Holistic Holdings, Tyson
Credit: Tyson Ranch

Tyson Ranch has also developed numerous partnerships with representatives from the NFL, WNBA, UFC, NHL, MLB, FIFA and BIG3. It is not known when Tyson Ranch will be completely finished but it promises some nice surprises and will provide opportunities for the cannabis tourism industry.

Tyson Holistic Holdings, Tyson

According to the latest news, Tyson is considering moving to Antigua to set up another farm there.

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