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Trinity, the rare and surprising Sativa that fights the blues

trinity the rare and surprising blues-fighting sativa 8

Trinity, a Sativa like no other that fights blues and anxiety

Trinity is a vibrant yet mysterious sativa with a reputation for fighting blues and anxiety. While the strain tends to promote a focused and creative experience, a strong drowsiness can be triggered once this sativa's dazzling high wears off. Well loved by both producers and consumers alike, the mysterious Trinity is a must-have and rare strain.

A mysterious line

The exact origins of Trinity are difficult to determine. This sativa hybrid is believed to be a cross between at least three Californian strains, hence its name ... However, while the lineage of this plant remains a total mystery, Trinity is still a strain that everyone wants to have on hand. Considered to be rapid and vigorous, it is said that the strain flowers in only 40 days.

blues, Sativa, anxiety, Trinity
The Trinity was born in the famous "Emerald Triangle" (Emerald Triangle)

For such a short flowering time, power. Trinity often expresses between 16 and 20 percent THC, which makes this plant a suitable choice for moderate or experienced cannabis users. A dream for growers and consumers, this weed has a reputation for strong and lasting effects.

blues, Sativa, anxiety, Trinity

Like most strains of cannabis, a strong forest scent provides the building blocks for the aroma of Trinity. A refined lemon adds luminosity to the overall scent and a sticky sweet quality teases the nose ... Trinity is a win-win herb. Between the excellent taste and aroma, rapid growth, and delicious beauty, this enthusiastic strain is to be tested urgently.

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The Trinity Experience

As a sativa, Trinity is less likely to cause sedation than an indica strain. Strains classified as sativa tend to produce less myrcene, which is the terpene commonly found in plant resins. Myrcene causes the drowsiness that often accompanies the “high” of cannabis. What is the strange specificity of this Sativa ...

blues, Sativa, anxiety, Trinity
Trinity, the Sativa that can make you sleep ...

Most consumers report having an energetic attitude from this sweet bud. However, Trinity can deliver a big slap as well… The effects of this strain tend to increase, providing high sensations of euphoria and a happy relaxed mood. In high doses, Trinity can cause a little paranoia, which is not a common trait in sativa strains ...

blues, Sativa, anxiety, Trinity

Taking a few puffs of Trinity allows your brain to go on an adventure ... It is not uncommon to find yourself lost in your thoughts. Worries and blues tend to melt away, replaced by strong feelings of concentrated and pleasant energy. A heavier effect is felt on the body. In addition, the effect begins to kick in as the experience ends ...

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Why do people use Trinity?

This strain is a great choice for a fun, active afternoon. Whether you are meeting friends or just enjoying the sun, this strain will make for a very exuberant and sometimes silly good time ... Trinity may make you feel tired after a few hours of consumption ...

blues, Sativa, anxiety, Trinity

The vibrant and happy nature of this strain makes it very popular among patients with mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Those who suffer from eating disorders like anorexia or who suffer from anorexia due to a medical condition may find a safe bet in the (appetite) stimulating properties of this strain.

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