Upward trend for e-liquid CBD at the expense of nicotine

upward trend for cbd e liquids to the detriment of nicotine 10

E-liquids infused with CBD and terpenes will replace nicotine vape in the near future

Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine e-liquids have been a popular way to absorb nicotine without the toxicity of smoke. But lately, more and more vapers are switching from nicotine to CBD e-liquids. Here's why :

nicotine, CBD, e-liquids

CBD vs nicotine

Nicotine and CBD are both compounds produced by plants. Nicotine is extracted from tobacco and CBD from hemp. Hemp is a legal variety of cannabis that does not create drunkenness… This is why it is cultivated by thousands of farmers in Europe and the United States.

nicotine, CBD, e-liquids
The main hemp source of CBD

In addition, the role of the endocannabinoid system in nicotine addiction is increasingly recognized. Researchers conducted studies to assess the impact of cannabidiol (CBD) use on tobacco addicted smokers. The results are surprising ... Thus, CBD could become The tobacco palliative and therefore also to nicotine.

nicotine, CBD, e-liquids
Fields of agricultural tobacco


Contrary to popular belief, nicotine is not the most dangerous component of tobacco. According to some scientists, it would have effects as minor as those of caffeine… Which does not harm coffee… Nicotine stimulates the release of dopamine, also known under the name of “Molecule of happiness”, a powerful neurotransmitter playing with the pleasure circuits of the brain. A brain addicted to nicotine constantly craves… nicotine… This so that more dopamine is released and gives it back these pleasant sensations, even intense…

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nicotine, CBD, e-liquids

Nicotine is found in tobacco smoke that ends up killing half of its loyal consumers. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4 000 compounds, many of which are toxic and damage our cells. Included in these compoundsacetone, used in nail polish remover. But also thearsenic, often found in insecticides, benzene, a carcinogen. As well asammonia, used in dry cleaning, and the cadmium, which causes liver and kidney cancer and brain damage.

nicotine, CBD, e-liquids

But in summary, it's the tar that causes cancer, carbon dioxide infarction, and nicotine addiction… Nicotine alone, in smokers, is less harmful. Because the smoker does not reach the doses delivered by the cigarette, neither in quantity, nor in speed… The cigarette is, and remains the fastest and most effective way to send nicotine peaks to the brain...

Nicotine dependence

On the other hand, nicotine is five to ten times more potent than cocaine or morphine in producing behavioral and psychological effects associated with addiction. Nicotine can contribute to sleep disturbances. It stimulates the nervous system and when taken at night… It ensures that the user is alert and awake rather than falling asleep. The CBD when it regulatesIn low doses it acts as a stimulant, in high doses it prepares for sleep.

nicotine, CBD, e-liquids
The cigarette (tobacco) acts as a nicotine shoot via the substances that compose it. The dose is precisely calculated for another dose ...

Additionally, nicotine binds to an area of ​​the brain known as the adrenal medulla. This increases the flow of adrenaline, which eventually becomes defficient. This in turn causes an increase in blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. And these conditions worsen existing heart and blood pressure problems. You will understand that nicotine is quite simply a poison, depending on its dosage and frequency.

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Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most common cannabinoids in cannabis. CBD is non-toxic and has no relevant side effects ... CBD is not psychotropic, it is used in a very wide range of applications including e-liquids, foods, cosmetics, etc ...

nicotine, CBD, e-liquids
The CBD booster for e-liquid from WEEDEO

Due to its non-toxic and non-psychotropic nature, CBD is becoming the best choice for smokers and vapers. Data from Google Trends shows how interest in cannabidiol has overtaken nicotine over the past year. And the trend has only just begun ...

nicotine, CBD, e-liquids
Google Trends results for one year, CBD up

In Europe, nicotine-based e-liquids fall under the TPD regulation. Non-nicotine e-liquids like CBD e-liquids are not yet regulated. Except in Austria and Luxembourg where they require the same type of registration and test as nicotine-based e-liquids ...

nicotine, CBD, e-liquids
Many e-liquid in CBD are now available on the market

But CBD is not a controlled substance and can be used in e-liquids because it does not contain THC. In addition, the best CBD e-liquids use aromas based on terpenes which act positively with the CBD in question. This association between cannabinoids and terpenes is a synergy who could wean a smoker addicted to nicotine.

This justifies further exploration and studies. CBD is a potential treatment for nicotine addiction. And in the near future, it's a safe bet that CBD will replace nicotine, especially in the field of vape.

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