Albanian traffic worries Italy

Cannabis trafficking from Albania worries Italy

Italy's leading anti-mafia prosecutor has expressed concern over the increase in cannabis trafficking from Albania, while meeting with justice officials in the Balkan nation.

cannabis trafficking

Funding of Islamist extremism

Voanews reports a fact that could change the situation in Italy. Indeed, according to Franco Roberti, the influx is attributable to the increased growth of cannabis on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. He says illicit cannabis sales are linked to funding Islamist extremism.

cannabis trafficking
Franco Roberti, the anti-mafia prosecutor

Speaking to reporters after a press conference that unveiled Albania's national operation to prevent the cannabis planting, Roberti called its findings "more than just an investigative hypothesis."

"We are convinced from our audit that at least part of the proceeds from drug trafficking is likely to fund radical Islamic activities, so it potentially finances terrorist activities," he said.

Earlier today, Albanian police said more than 3 officers dispersed across the country to check greenhouses, old army depots and tunnels or abandoned houses where cannabis seeds and small plants may have been hidden.

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The Albanian war on cannabis

Albanian cannabis smuggling

Roberti was in Albania for meetings with justice officials. In order to understand with his Albanian counterparts the factors which led to this increase in the traffic of "drugs" from Albania to Italy. As well as discussing ways to improve bilateral strategies and cooperation.

Almost daily police raids in Albania

He speculated that one of the factors could be the increased demand for cannabis in Italy. But also strict laws discouraging consumers to personal culture.

In Italy, it is the army that grows weed ...

Roberti also said corruption is a byproduct of organized crime. In addition, Italy and Albania share a common interest in the fight against organized crime and corruption.

For more than 5 years, the Albanian mafia has rubbed off 75% of the world drug market

Last year, Albanian authorities destroyed around 2,5 million marijuana plants. That is four times more than the previous year. As a result, many tonnes of cannabis were seized at border crossing points. And even from ships bound for Italy or Greece.

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