Top Cannabis Jobs Wanted in the United States

top 9 wanted cannabis jobs in the united states

The top professions highly sought after in the cannabis industry

The cannabis industry is getting more and more popular, it is expanding by leaps and bounds as the company shows a welcome acceptance that has not been demonstrated before. For this reason, more people are looking for jobs in the cannabis industry and some are even thinking about advancing a cannabis career. Some of these jobs are unique and perhaps this attracts more workers to places where cannabis jobs are available.

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The Las Vegas Job Fair

Terra Tech Corporation is a Cannabis company that did its work in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company even ran a big advertisement in the local newspaper with the hope of having at least two hundred applicants applying for jobs.

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But, the company's expectations were low because more than 2 000 candidates turned out to be interviewed at the job fair. The CEO of the company was shocked by the response, but found that people believed in the industry and the cannabis products produced by different companies.

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Many of these candidates were inexperienced and had no training and yet they were looking for employment in an industry, and they did not know anything. Some of the candidates were between 40 and 50 years old. These were the people who were pushed out of traditional jobs and they were looking for new employment space.

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Most of the applicants had a bachelor's degree, but no specific training in cannabis. In this case, let's look at the weed work that these people and others might consider with the qualification and experience they currently have, but also with additional training.

Grow Master Marijuana (master of culture)

A marijuana grow master is one of the best jobs, but one that requires additional training. This position should be filled by someone with knowledge of various strains of marijuana.

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A master of culture is like a master chef. He must also know as much as possible about the marijuana plant and how to cultivate it for optimum yields. You can expect a salary of 100 000 dollars per year, as well as some profit from sales of marijuana ...

Store Manager

A store manager is one of those top jobs that many marijuana dispensaries offer. Each clinic must have a manager. If you've had store management experience, this is a position you could fill.

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Kristina Simpson, the “Stock Manager” of a Bank Street dispensary

Most marijuana store managers can expect to earn an annual salary of 60 000 dollars and a possible bonus of sales.

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Extraction specialist

Unless you have used a mining machine before, a mining specialist requires training. You must have a distinct set of skills to perform the duties of a mining specialist.

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Dr. Scot Waring, Lab Director Steep Hill Labs, Inc.

The annual salary is between 75 000 and 120 000 thousand dollars. Extraction specialist should be procedural and quality compliant.

The Bud Trimmer (bud cutter or seal cutter)

If you don't know anything about the marijuana industry and just want to get in the middle of it, you could become a bud cutter. The salary is usually 13 dollars per hour. Some bud trimmers are paid for by the amount of bud they pruned.

jobs, tradesIn this case, it could be 200 dollars a pound (about 0.5kg). The work is tedious, but it is better than to work in fast food ...

The owner, distributor of marijuana

One of the main jobs in cannabis is the owner of the marijuana dispensary. But that comes with a lot of responsibilities and obligations… You have to keep abreast of the laws almost daily, because they are changing…

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Derek Worden, and the first store opened in Santa Ana

Banking and regulatory problems can also be a burden and then they too change ... However, the advantages are more impressive than the disadvantages ... Not to mention the salary, which could make more than one pale ... But the main thing is that you help people with chronic illnesses gain legal access to medical marijuana.

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