Top 25 countries for weed lovers

World Guide - The 25 countries for weed lovers

Cannabis Legality Map offers us a straightforward map of current global marijuana laws. Here is the ranking of the 25 countries for weed lovers, and according to the law.

Top 25 countries for weed lovers
Top 25 countries for weed lovers

25. North Korea

North Korea grows hemp for military purposes
North Korea

Many don't know this, but North Korea, despite being the world's most famous dictatorship, is the only country where cannabis is not considered a medicine. But who allowed consumption, and that freely. Marijuana is available in the markets of North Korea.

24. Estonia

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

In Estonia, cannabis is decriminalized up to 7,5g. If you have more than that on you, it will be the Estonian prison for 5 years… For 18 euro per gram you will probably find what you need, and moreover some homemade cannabis… So it is not difficult to find very good weed in Estonia. Limit the quantities!

23. Brazil

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Cannabis is illegal in Brazil, but authorities have ignored its use in many areas. Community legalization in Brazil has increased in recent years. And you can buy marijuana, hashish in clubs, pubs and also on the beaches of the country. However, we can not say that the quality of the weed is guaranteed, for 2,1 euro per gram. Brazil recently recorded the first death from cannabis, when a trader was crushed and ground in half a ton of contraband marijuana ...

22. Nepal

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Cannabis and its derivatives - hashish, charas, Tz'aras and Bhang - are common throughout the country and are part of religious culture. In the capital Kathmandu, every tourist will pass through these countless alleys which will offer a wide choice for purchase. However, cannabis is defined by law as prohibited. Indeed, you will probably be asked to pay the police a bribe to leave you alone (if you exceed the commercial amount). In addition, as in Brazil, cannabis is inexpensive and of much better quality, at 2,7 euros per gram.

21. Costa Rica

Top 25 countries for weed lovers
Costa Rica

Cannabis is illegal in Costa Rica - a country where even the military is illegal… But the rumors are there and are in effect! It is easy to find something to smoke all over the country, especially on the beaches ...

20. Germany

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Possession of cannabis in Germany is prohibited. But its use is perfectly legal. Germany applies a policy of tolerance, because cannabis is considered by law as a personal "damage" ... Due to a lack of public interest, consumers of small quantities of cannabis are not penalized. But the definition of "small quantity" depends on the province in question. For example in Berlin, up to 15 grams of marijuana are allowed for personal use. The other 15 counties generally allow possession of a maximum of 6 grams for personal use. Also, in northern cities like Hamburg (and Berlin) people openly smoke in the open air. And we are already talking today about the opening of the first Coffee Shop in Berlin.

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Cannabis already perfectly legal in Washington and Colorado. And 19 other states do not have laws criminalizing cannabis and consumers. All this despite federal law which effectively bans cannabis. A recent survey found that, for the first time in history, more than 58% of Americans support full legalization of cannabis. In the United States it is more and more difficult to end up in prison for possession of cannabis. The whole country smokes, the authorities just have to get up to date ...

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18. Argentina

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

In 2009, the Argentine government ruled that the crackdown on marijuana is illegal. But there are still no formal laws against criminalization and neither for legalization. Most of the marijuana comes smuggled from Paraguay, Argentina's neighboring country. However, growing cannabis is done more and more at home.

17. Mexico

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

In 2009, official Mexican rules ceased criminalizing anyone caught with a maximum of 5 grams of marijuana. Tourists caught with more, will be forced to pay bribes to the police… Mexico's excellent weather makes the country the largest distributor of contraband marijuana in the United States.

16. Belgium

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

The possession of 5 grams of marijuana by adults over the age of 18 is considered tolerable by authorities. Finding marijuana in Belgium is not very complicated, especially in all the big cities.

15. Canada

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Canadian law prohibits the possession of marijuana, but as a preventive measure very often ... However, all major cities (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal) reach the highest level of cannabis distribution, on the street and inexpensive. Many tend to cultivate the plant in legal communities, which decriminalizes the green plant towards the citizens. Canada will soon legalize cannabis in the spring of 2017.

14. India

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

The weed grows all over India and is an integral part of the culture and vacation in the country… So surely you are wondering "How is it possible that cannabis is illegal in India?" ". Officially marijuana is illegal, unofficially tourists can easily organize themselves around cannabis tourist hotspots. This fascinating continent is full of possibilities, and inherits unrivaled fame. Especially in the north in villages like Lana, Manali etc ...

13. Peru

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Peru is another place that promises enjoyable recreation. Possession up to 8 grams is permitted, but cultivation and sale are prohibited. This is why Peru is known to be a magical place where herbs simply “appear” which we do not know where…. Be discreet, Peru does not lack space for a hiding place ^^

12. Colombia

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

In 2010 the Colombian government passed laws to end criminalization (de-criminalization). In Colombia up to 20 grams of marijuana are allowed for personal use. However, the cultivation and sale of cannabis is still illegal. Marijuana in Colombia is one of the best, and you can get it for a reasonable price.

11. Czech republic

Top 25 countries for weed lovers
République tchèque

In 2010, the Czech government passed laws to stop criminalization. Citizens of the Czech Republic are legally authorized to cultivate and possess cannabis for medical purposes. Otherwise, growing up to 5 plants and holding up to 15 grams has been decriminalized. Prague, the capital, is considered to be one of the main cannabis cultural venues in Europe. The smoke can be found in many pubs in the city, just ask the bartender ...

10. Croatia

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

The purchase and consumption of medical cannabis has been legalized in Croatia. But cultivation and sales are still prohibited by law. However, it is not difficult to find a place to smoke, even from a tourist point of view. In addition, the landscapes are breathtaking ...

9. Chile

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

In 2007, Chile passed laws to stop self-incrimination. Weed can be found in almost every bar in town and along the beaches.

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8. Jamaica

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Growing and possessing marijuana, or more accurately, Ganja, is illegal in Jamaica. And even if you claim affiliation with Rasta culture. But marijuana can be easily found in Jamaica. In 2016 the tourism industries propose to organize a tour operator around the sacred plant. Indeed the government is rather favorable to this new style of tourism. The “Irie” Islands in Jamaica and the Caribbean are also famous for the huge spliffs that one sees parading in public on the streets and on the beaches at dusk. It is until Jamaica we simply ignore the laws ...

7. Ecuador

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

At the beginning of 2013, Ecuador authorizes possession up to 20 grams for personal use, but as in Peru, cultivation and sale are completely illegal.

6. Australia

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Australians are known for their love of cannabis. Their marijuana is considered the strongest in the world. There are laws against criminalization in Australia, but the nature of the enforcement varies greatly from state to state. Out of 5,8 million Australians who have tried cannabis, 1 million people have used marijuana in the past few years. But although small amounts of cannabis have been decriminalized in one state and two territories, cultivation, sale, consumption and distribution remain illegal.

5. Portugal

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Portugal was the first country to decriminalize cannabis, in 2001. Instead of chasing consumers away and putting them in prison, Portugal decided to treat like drug addicts… So their policy is only geared towards prevention and aid medical. If you smoke cannabis in Portugal as a tourist, you are widely allowed to consume it on the beaches, where it is not difficult to find it.

4. Swiss

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Switzerland is one of the most progressive countries in Europe when it comes to anti-drug laws. Possession of a quantity of cannabis not exceeding 10 grams and intended for personal consumption is punishable by a simple fine of 100 Swiss francs (96 €), and depending on the case ... Since September 2012 (but in fact in force since October 2013), possession of less than 10 grams is decriminalized and does not appear in the criminal record. Citizens are allowed to grow marijuana at home, and without real fear. Of course, you can find smoking around every corner.

3. Netherlands

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Amsterdam's coffee shops and the Netherlands are known for their liberal hospitality and high quality weed. However, if you are not Dutch there could be a problem… 30 grams of weed for personal consumption is allowed on private property, as long as it is not for sale… There are regions in the Countries -Bottom where caution is required.

2. Spain

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Spain has made it possible to grow marijuana as part of an independent cooperative, as cannabis is available everywhere. Spanish citizens are permitted to cultivate and possess cannabis for personal use, however, its sale and possession is completely illegal in public places. Citizens are welcomed in "Social Cannabis Clubs", but tourists are not officially. Unofficially, we can have a good time in Spain ...

1 Uruguay

Top 25 countries for weed lovers

Uruguay was the first country on the planet to legalize the production, consumption and sale of cannabis. This was in December 2013. Cannabis is legal in Uruguay. To put an end to the black market, the price of cannabis has been set at $ 1. You can legally grow it up to 6 feet. A Cannabis Museum opened on Friday December 9 in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. An institution that aims to present the different uses that we can make of the plant, in crafts and the economy in particular.

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