Threat of a Ni legalization, or decriminalization in France

Threat of a Ni legalization, or decriminalization in France

Threat of Neither legalization nor decriminalization in France - Use of offbeat terms on decriminalization in France

52% of citizens questioned for this study are in favor of the issue of cannabis legislation being addressed during the presidential campaign, even though 47% are against legalization according to this survey. 52% also believe that the sale of cannabis under state control would be effective, with 47% believing the opposite. The French also agree overwhelmingly, at 84%, to consider that the current legislation is ineffective. This poll announces the start of a publicized political debate, emerging from the cupboards a third more or less unexpected "solution" ...

Criminal transaction

In one report published by Terra Nova In 2014, we were already advocating the creation of a Cannabis Regulatory Authority (Arca), modeled on the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority (Arjel) which would allow the legalization of cannabis in France, in a controlled market. Like the law of May 12, 2010 legalizing the gambling market, the report called for "the drying up of the criminal market on the one hand, the taking into account of a public health problem on the other. ".

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A fine for simple use of cannabis?

But the current trend if we decipher the left or right proposals, would be neither decriminalization nor legalization in the first sense of the term, the candidates are striving to find a light penal policy, including a fine for simple use of cannabis ...

Jean-Pierre Couteron, president of the Federation addiction

The arrival of the penal transaction is "a good technical evolution, but not a criminal revolution, because it does not touch the symbolism of the penalization of the use", estimates Jean-Pierre Couteron, the president of the Federation addiction

Alain Milon & the proportionate sanction

On September 17, right-wing elected officials proposed to punish the use of narcotics with a 3rd class offense: "A proportionate sanction, easy to apply and effective", argued Senator LR Alain Milon. A measure already recommended in 2003 by Nicolas Sarkozy, then Minister of the Interior

Decriminalization of state?

Nicolas Sarkozy proposed in 2003 at the time when he was Minister of the Interior, a “simple” ticket: “I propose contravention and the fact that everyone who finds himself in this situation can be supported and helped to get out of it. And during the presidential election of 2007, the future president proposed a registration in the criminal record and a fine of up to 1.500 euros.

Nicolas Sarkozy initiator of “contraventionalisation” (?!)

Formerly Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet had declared "me, as it stands, I am not for". “I haven't seen any authorized medical evidence, definitive company investigation that shows us that there would be a reduction in risk if we go back on prohibition. "

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Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet--1-ebec25-01x
NKM pay attention to the tongue of wood

corn the ex-minister of ecology has changed his mind on the subject, and ensures that decriminalization would provide the means (of enrichment) to fight against consumption ...

“Less hypocritical and somewhere more efficient because we put a ticket”. “Today, simple consumption is not continued” - “I am more in favor of decriminalization, it allows us to continue to send a signal to young people, to continue to say it is forbidden because we think that it is is problematic in terms of health, ”she continued.

Laurent Marcangeli, a regular in the cumulation of mandates

Laurent Marcangeli Deputy for the 1st constituency of Corse-du-Sud says he is "convinced that we can find a majority, on the right as on the left, on this subject of the contravention".

Hiding terms and changing definitions is a feat in politics; but we are not kidding, to interpret the penal transaction as a march towards decriminalization would be an error of definition ... Driving speeding does not mean that speed is decriminalized ... In short, in France in 2014, 17 million people declared have ever used cannabis in their lifetime and 700.000 would use it daily.

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