The ultimate tool for tokers


The Merlin is the ultimate mi-bong, mi-dab arsenal for all cannabis connoisseurs

Cannabis enthusiasts have long lived in the dark ages, half-heartedly enjoying the old-fashioned smoking devices of yesteryear. Party-goers, hikers and students suffered similar and disturbing fates; suckling joints with filters clogged with resin, some even had to draw their sweet smoke through an apple ... In case of urgent need, many cannabis users resorted to ultimate shame; the plastic bottle bong or the aluminum can, where each pull comes with a light polymer-plastic taste and brief thoughts that make you wonder if you're going to lose all memory of high school math ...

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The Merlin is both a bubbler blunt and a mini-dab

But the dark ages are over. Now MJ Arsenal is here. With a revolutionary design that means cannabis users no longer have to choose between fashion and function. Fans will no longer be forced to choose between the portability of a joint and the maximum heady efficiency of a dab rig. Because like the great magician with whom this epic device shares its name, the Merlin can transform ...

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bong, dab, Merlin

Don't make mistakes; The Merlin is pocket-sized but revolutionary. Just as the iPod has brought musical variety into your daily life, the Merlin is poised to democratize the methods of smoking. This by offering cannabis smokers the finesse of a bong and the tear of a joint or a dab, the Merlin is the perfect tool for an after-party or alone in a hot tub at the hotel ...

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In "joint" mode

A ridiculous price

For under $ 40, the Merlin offers a filtration system comparable to the velvety tokes normally reserved for bongs or bubblers that triple its price. There is nothing more unpleasant than watching someone make a socket and end up coughing and blushing. It's like dude, come on, it's a party… not a sanatorium.

With a rebreather design that filters smoke through the water. And bending the arms of glass… Merlin smokers will certainly never be that kind of guy. In fact, with a twisted glass design, the spiral effect created by the smoke makes the Merlin as pleasant to look at as it is to use ...

bong, dab, Merlin

The rebreather is a water pipe design that pulls smoke and water over the side arm. The water flows down in a recirculating motion to the original basin, filtering or "recycling" the smoke several times. What does this mean for your lungs and taste buds? The chips are fresher, sweeter, and loaded with flavor.

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The effect of Quartz

Each Merlin comes with a quartz banger that fits snugly into the frosted clip that the mini rig itself holds in your hand. Why quartz? Besides being easy to clean and retaining maximum heat, quartz is a material that will open your taste buds to increased terpene potential.

bong, dab, Merlin
The quartz device (changeable)

Any concentrate expert will tell you that size matters. With larger rigs, the bulk can cause a loss of potency of the vapor, THC… But also it will involve the dissemination of terpenes in the oxygen before they reach your mouth…

bong, dab, Merlin
A discreet size ...

A smaller size ensures that your toke will never fly… The Merlin is tiny but mighty. Versatile, but compact. And it would be better if the creators of Merlin spent another four months designing the perfect path to THC-induced euphoria. MJ Arsenal gets bonus points for giving his glass a little wizard's hat. Catch the jokes about achieving a magical high ...

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