The multilayer mobile culture system

the mobile multilayer cultivation system 5

The multilayer mobile culture system

Greenhaus Industries has implemented a mobile multi-layered cultivation system allowing cannabis growers to double or triple their production. According to Leif Olsen, managing partner of Greenhaus, multilayer growing systems are more efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly. Especially when combined with LED lighting, closed circuit sprinkler systems and automated irrigation.

Greenhaus Industries

Formed in 2012, the company, and its multilayer culture systems were born. Greenhaus Industries merges decades of cultivation experience with deep expertise in building innovative multi-layered cultivation systems. To date Greenhaus Industries, has installed systems at facilities in Arizona, California, Colorado and Nevada. And for the first time, cannabis producers have been able to double or even triple their production.

mobile multilayer culture

Greenhaus Industries announced its new multi-layer mobile culture system at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, November 16-18 (booth 1317).

"We are eager to connect with producers, architects and investors to show them how our multi-layer mobile culture tables can increase yields while reducing costs," said Leif Olsen, Managing Partner of Greenhaus.

Vertical growth tables

mobile multilayer culture

Greenhaus vertical grow tables leave more room for plants to bloom. In most cases, this system can double or triple productivity. According to the floors assigned to it. Standard sizes are 3 × 4, 4 × 4, 3 × 8, 4 × 8. Custom sizes are also available to maximize any space large or small.

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Flowering Tables

mobile multilayer culture

These tables are built to meet the demands of large-scale commercial agriculture. Greenhaus tables are designed to maximize flowering space. This is because integrating a multi-layered cultivation system can increase productivity by 100% or more. These tables are designed to integrate with any type of substrate, potting soil or techniques.

Anti-microbial & fungal drainage insert

mobile multilayer culture

These inserts are positioned above the tables to allow good drainage, as well as for the circulation of air under the pots. Made from high density polyethylene, these inserts can be easily removed for quick cleaning.

Roller system

mobile multilayer culture

Greenhaus can integrate tracks or rollers on a track system. Currently the company is working with architects to improve this option.

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