The secrets of germination


Germination of cannabis seeds with Jorge Cervantez

The seeds germinate when a small white root emerges. Water, heat and air (oxygen) are all that cannabis seeds need to germinate. Fertilizers, "special" hormones and "secret" additives are unnecessary and a waste of time and money, according to the company. Jorge Cervantes. Mother Nature provides seeds with a stored food reserve to lead them to germination. Strong, viable seeds germinate in two to seven days. During germination, the protective shell of the seed divides and a small white root (tap root) appears. Zoom on a simple and unique method of one of the greatest specialists in canna-culture.

Seed germination, cannabis seeds, germination

Step one: Soak the seeds

Seed germination, cannabis seeds, germination
Drown your seeds in a glass of water

For best results, soak the seeds for 12-24 hours in a glass of clean water. First, the seeds often float to the surface. They should sink to the bottom of the container after a few minutes. Soaking ensures that water enters the protective shell to activate growth hormones. Avoid soaking the seeds for more than 24 hours. This causes them to suffer from oxygen deprivation and drown, causing the seeds to rot.

Step two: Cover the seeds

the secrets of germination 5
the secrets of germination 5

Carefully remove the seeds from the water container. Pour the water and seeds on two to four paper towels (paper towel), contained by a saucer or a plate. Once they are in place, cover the seeds by folding the towels. Tilt everything at an angle so that all excess water drains freely. Paper towels should be evenly damp, and free from excess water.

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Third step: Darkness & heat

Seed germination, cannabis seeds, germination
Seeds start their life in darkness and heat

Place the seeds in a warm, shady / dark place. The ideal temperature for rapid germination is 21 and 26 degrees . Make sure the seeds are covered and in the dark. Another variation is to place paper towels on a rack so that excess water drains freely. The grid also allows an abundant air circulation (oxygen).

Step Four: Maintain Humidity

Touch the towels to check the humidity level, two to three times a day. It may be necessary to add water once or twice during the day depending on humidity and ambient temperature. Keep towels evenly moist. Never let towels and seeds dry out.

Seed germination, cannabis seeds, germination
The seeds are sprouted and ready to be planted

Do not leave the seeds in standing water. In particular, the excess water must flow freely. Paper towels are able to retain enough moisture to promote germination in 36 to 96 hours. Of course, some seeds can germinate earlier, and others will take longer, especially older, weaker seeds. If mold is a concern, take prophylactic measures. Add a mild organic fungicide or 2% bleach mixture to the irrigation water. To obtain the 2% solution, use 0.60l of bleach per 3 liters of water (or 0.30l of bleach in 1.5l of water.)

Seed germination, cannabis seeds, germination
Jorge Cervantez's method simulates good germination conditions

Bonus: The propagator

The propagator is perfect for small scale crops, and very useful for novice growers. In short,e Propagator Pro 2 create and maintain the best germination environment.

Seed germination, cannabis seeds, germination
The Propagator Pro 2

The propagator goes perfectly with the Smart Start. Indeed, this utensil includes a compact tray of 20 small pots filled with compost activating essential microbial life. You can also use Propagator Pro 2 as a nursery for weak seedlings or for germinating clones.

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