Saliva test in Canada

The saliva test that will allow the Canadian police to verify driving under the influence of cannabis: the Deriger 5000

The Attorney General of Canada approves the use of a device to test driving under the influence of cannabis. The decision precedes the opening of the legal cannabis market in the country. Here is the presentation of the saliva test in Canada: the "Deriger 5000".

saliva test, Canada, Deriger 5000, driving under the influence

The law (46-C)

In June, Canada thus became the second Canadian country in the world after Uruguay to legalize cannabis. And for the first time, one of the G7 countries to allow full legalization of recreational cannabis.

The new law will come into force in October of this year. But last month a whole different project was approved. Law 46-C concerns driving under the influence of cannabis and the introduction of a new saliva screening device.

Deriger 5000 - Immediate results

Until now, the main tools used for control of driving under the influence have largely identified alcohol ... And drunkenness tests include standing on the side of the road, standing on one leg. ...

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Canadian lawmakers needed to ensure that people would not use their vehicles after consuming THC… And to that end, they looked for a device to do so.

There are already several devices on the market that try to find a simple solution to detect the remains of cannabis in the blood. And without the invasive intervention or urine tests on the shoulders of the road, such as: Saliva test by WANG LABORATOIRES HOUND. However, Canadians chose another device produced in Germany, the “Draeger” (Draeger DrugTest 5000).

The mobile device will allow Canadian police to check roadside drivers using a kit that will take a saliva sample from the suspect's inner cheeks. The test identifies the presence of THC and cocaine, as well as opioids, ketamine, methadone, methamphetamine, and other substances.

saliva test, Canada, Deriger 5000, driving under the influence

The use of the device to test pilots was within Law 46-C. But now the Attorney General of Canada, Judy Wilson Riibold, has given his final approval. This means that the device is adopted by the laboratory of the National Research Council of Canada. It has just passed the evaluation process of the Canadian Institute of Forensic Sciences.

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Driving under the influence of cannabis

Before the device was introduced to the legalization market, the Public Safety Bureau of Canada conducted an experimental program in which road tests were carried out. But, the Drager was not tested within the framework of piloting… In addition, this screening device is already rampant in Germany and England.

saliva test, Canada, Deriger 5000, driving under the influence
According to the Legal Department spokesperson, the device may be slightly different to conform to Canadian standards.

Approval of the device came earlier than expected. It is estimated that no instrument will be approved until next year. After approval, it is estimated that police will be able to conduct "tests" on drivers as soon as the sale of legal cannabis in Canada begins in October.

The Canadian government will invest a significant amount in the devices and training of the police for the use of these devices in the coming years.

The law (46-C) gives the police the possibility to blame the driver on the presence of THC only… However, it will be interesting to see how the authorities manage… Because unlike alcohol, the presence of THC does not does not necessarily indicate misconduct. In addition, cannabis remains in the body for several weeks after use ...

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