The return to life of little Bruno Stillo

The return to life of little Bruno Stillo

Bruno Stillo 5 years old, cured of Dravet syndrome with medical cannabis

For Jacel Delgadillo of Miami, Florida, having access to medical cannabis means having access to her 5-year-old son. Bruno Stillo, was born with a rare and incurable genetic form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome, or severe juvenile myoclonic epilepsy.


Medical cannabis oil

When the crisis was at its height, Bruno endured seizures of up to 300 per day. In 2013, Jessica traveled to Colorado to seek information on how to treat Dravet syndrome with cannabis oil. There she met Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who was in Colorado for the filming of his documentary. CNN, “Weed 2". Bruno started using medicinal cannabis oil to alleviate his seizures.

Medical cannabis oil

With the oil, Bruno now has an average of one to two attacks per week. With the help of cannabis, Bruno ceased to be vegetative; at 5 years old the child becomes active, curious and aware like any child of his age.

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Bruno's mother discovers for the first time the attentive return of her child.

"Honestly, I think that before, he didn't know that I was his mom.- Now I see him as such"


Delgadillo has been an ardent champion of the legalization of medical marijuana, and co-founder of the group Cannamoms, which supports and advocates for children with chronic illnesses whose conditions can be relieved by medical cannabis.

The Cannamoms group, for the use of therapeutic cannabis

Luck for little Bruno, eleven days before Florida votes on Amendment 2, a state measure to legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

The precious support of the sister of Bruno, 10 years

At the Delgadillos, everyone does their part to take care of Bruno. As part of the delivery of the investigational drug (based on cannabis oil), Delgadillo has to keep track of his son's seizures, while monitoring the drug-induced improvements.

The father-in-law leading Bruno to his therapy

Bruno undergoes physiotherapy three times a week. This helps him to recover the maximum of his physical capacities according to his own potential for recovery. This therapy is focused on Bruno's self-responsibility, allowing him to acquire the capacities necessary for social integration, for life activities.

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Erika Bermeo helps guide Bruno Stillo as she performs her analysis during a physiotherapy session

Medical cannabis

Where there was very little progress in therapy (Bruno was mostly still), medical cannabis acts for the accomplishment and healing of little Bruno. He therefore integrated cannabis into his medicalization. As a result, his motor skills improved significantly and his seizures decreased considerably.


While at the Halloween party, Bruno got sick. So Jacel decided it was best for him to leave the place. During social events, he must be watched very closely. Because the child does not support the Halloween parties. Nurses and CBD are at the service of Bruno, the child is on the mend; Evidenced by the fantastic progress of a whole Miami family that has embraced medical marijuana.

Medical cannabis oil on epileptic children 

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