Ghana Rastafarian Council Holds Second Cannabis Conference

The Rastafarian Council of Ghana, under the auspices of its Advocacy Committee, held the 20nd National Cannabis Conference on Monday April 2. The conference, which was hosted on the Council's Facebook page by the Maiden Voyage Frequency TV (MVF TV) in accordance with the ban on social gatherings, brought together more than 250 participants from all over the world.

Ghanaian Rastafari

The speakers made virtual presentations on the theme " Ghana beyond aid; outlook for the cannabis industry“, Along with the organizers who took note of all comments, contributions and questions.

“I am very happy that Ghana has joined the discussion and has now promulgated laws to start benefiting from hemp first, ”Grammy Award-winning Ghanaian reggae superstar Rocky Dawuni said in his presentation. He advised the government to focus on the cannabis industry as it will be useful in boosting the economy, after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There is promise to use this plant in its natural mode of healing and economic empowerment and we need to elevate this industry to help build Africa,” Rocky Dawuni advised in his latest statement.

Ghanaian Rastafari
Rocky dawuni

“Building laboratories for quality control, research and standardization,” said Godfred Aboagye, co-founder of CBD International and keynote speaker at the conference, while calling on the government to pay critical attention to sub-sectors who need help, if Ghana will be able to produce "Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP) certified hemp products. He called on all Ghanaians interested in the industry, especially advocates already active, to unite under one umbrella in the private sector to form a strong and reliable public / private partnership with the government.

“Establish regulations in partnership with the private cannabis sector in order to effectively flush out black and gray markets,” warned Godfred Aboagye, who argued that this is the only way the government can achieve the high tax returns expected. .

He also advised the government to enact a program that will rectify the damage caused by enforcement of cannabis prohibition laws.

Ghanaian Rastafari
Godfred aboagye

Empress Mawuena Saffi, GCR Women's Commissioner, called on Ghanaian women to seize the opportunities that the cannabis industry offers women. She encouraged women entrepreneurs to tap into the healthcare, nutrition, and processing sub-sectors.

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"Make the license fees for the cultivation, processing and export of hemp moderate," said Empress Saffi, who called on the government to ensure that poor farmers who have suffered incarceration and contempt of society receive the appropriate help, so that they can compete with the multinational companies that will flood our market.

Ghanaian Rastafari
Empress Mawuena Saffi

"The RCG Women's Commission hopes that the government will soon legalize recreational and sacramental cannabis," Empress Saffi said in her final statement.

Ambassador Lennox Francis Franklin, Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to Ethiopia and member of the CARICOM (Caribbean Community) Regional Commission on Cannabis, congratulated all governments around the world that have decriminalized or legalized cannabis in their country. He advised those who still cling to the negative propaganda that prevailed during the “war on drugs” era to abandon them and join the global cannabis economy.

"Suggest to lawmakers Rastafarian's outlook on all cannabis," Ambassador Lennox said, while admonishing farmers to keep the patents of the original strains and not to go into the mad rush to get levels high THC. He cautioned participants about the unwanted side effects of certain CBD products and artificially high THC products and strains.

Ghanaian Rastafari
Ambassador Lennox Francis Franklin

"Multinational companies like MONSANTO seek to monopolize the industry at the expense of traditional farmers," lamented Ambassador Lennox, calling on the Ghanaian government not to establish capitalist license fee regimes to wipe out the average Ghanaian farmer like him. is the case in the Caribbean.

Sister Molebogeng Miyene, co-founder of Bikoland and member of the Association for the Development of the Cannabis Industry in South Africa (CIDASA) advised participants and farmers not to mix cannabis with chemicals that make it. contaminate the purity.

Ghanaian Rastafari
Sister Molebogeng Miyene

“Cannabis has been present among Africans since the dawn of time and indigenous peoples have always made cultural use of it,” Sister Miyene said, while advising Africans to use it for their healing.

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In his brief presentation, Khex Dan Pongo, Chairman of the GCR Advocacy Committee, applauded Parliament for legalizing 0,3% potent hemp, but advised it to consider legalizing cannabis in its entirety for maximum health and economic gains.

He ended his intervention by asking all participants to observe a minute of silence for all those who have lost their lives due to the laws prohibiting cannabis by saying: “It is true that cannabis did not kill anyone. in history, but the enforcement of prohibitive laws has taken its toll; at least two that I know, Jamal de Nungua and Buju de Kokrobite, may their souls rest in peace and may their blood continue to fight for our freedom ”.

Ghanaian Rastafari
   In addition, there is no need to worry about it.

Ahuma Bosco Ocansey, RCG President and Conference Chair, in his closing speech congratulated all speakers, participants and sponsors for their efforts and encouraged parents who harbor fear of psychotic issues with the legalization of cannabis to let go of these fears because the Narcotics Control Authority will make sure that it is not a matter of freedom for all.

“Once again, as we grapple with an economy battered by COVID-19 and break out of its hinges, the Rastafari Council of Ghana wishes to reiterate its call to Parliament to legalize medical marijuana as it cannot be too much insist on its health and economic benefits, ”said Ahuma Ocansey, imploring all those who wish to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the adoption of the new law to contact the Rastafari Council.

Ghanaian Rastafari
Ahuma Bosco Ocansey

“I am convinced that the discourse on the new regulations will be guided by science and facts and not by emotions and myths,” Ahuma Ocansey said in his closing remarks.

The conference was held in commemoration of International Cannabis Day, April 20 (4/20), and is expected to take place annually. The main sponsors were Maiden Voyage Frequency (MVF), Xclnc Productions, Lalibela Productions and the Rastafari Council.

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