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Panama Punch, the perfect herb before Yoga

This fruity-scented sativa is perfect before your yoga session. This curative strain of cannabis (highly THC) is recommended for relaxed performance… It is also an antiemetic herb with a very medical taste (…), it acts against vomiting and nausea. Zoom on this classic Colorado hybrid:

The face of The Clinic

The Panama Punch is one of the best creations from The Clinic. This sativa hybrid comes from the prestigious lineage of Neville's Haze and Panamanian Mean Green. This fruity flower produces the classic and strong high of sativas, which then fades into a deep indica buzz ...

Inundated with trichomes, the small buds of the Panama Punch have a nice finish, dense, quite green and not having many red pistils.

The freshness of Panama Punch

All dispensaries and stores now pack their buds in a special bag, filled with argon air, with a small window to see what's inside… This keeps the buds cool, making sure you don't get not a dry product. This is a great idea since humidity is a big issue for this Colorado strain.

yoga, Panama Punch

We maintain the freshness of the Panama Punch because when consumed, you will be dealing with a real fruit cocktail! Once opened, you will indeed feel the Tropical “Punch” that defines it so much. The scent is interestingly sweet, floral, and fruity. Panama Punch must stay fresh ^^

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The taste

On the other hand, this strain is not as good in taste as its scent. Indeed, the taste will surprise more than one, get ready to taste a very vegetal material ... Many qualify the taste as unpleasant, which is in contradiction with its exceptional “freshness” to the smell. But obviously, we don't smoke it for taste ...

yoga, Panama Punch

Once burned, this strain will leave a very light ash ... The Panama Punch will remain in the back of your throat, as an aftertaste, persistent and unpleasant. This is his bad point ...

The effect on the body

The Panama Punch on the other hand will give you a great day. You will be alert, focused, motivated, creative and relaxed. It's a great strain to consume if you're going outdoors, well anything that requires you to be active and alert. It is indeed formidable in the gym, or before a yoga class.

yoga, Panama Punch

This herb will certainly leave you with a painful taste in your mouth, which will then be completely cottony (during the effort)… This is the price to pay, to have the exceptional energy of Panama Punch. This strain clinically treats vomiting and nausea (for chemotherapy in particular), it greatly tones the body.

On the mind

Before rolling out the mat for your yoga, know that Panama Punch is sedative. Finally, it will allow you to literally calm your mind and take care of your body. Its lack of flavor hides a powerful property, which will be largely effective if you smoke it an hour before your activity.

yoga, Panama Punch

The more effort you put in, the more the Panama Punch will express itself! Don't overdo it, the Panama Punch can get confusing (avoid acrobatic dancing). It is highly recommended for yoga, or any activity where you can allow yourself to be gently numb ...

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If you are afraid of hurting yourself during a yoga session, this strain will make you forget about the fear. If you need to forget about the world around you (practice for yoga), she will invite you to silence… And a few hours later, you will really exceed your limits, with a bad taste in the mouth… Completely exhausted, the Panama Punch will invite you to a restful sleep.

to summarize

Panama Punch provides strong cerebral effects, similar to psychedelics, which give rise to relaxing and sedative effects. It is ideal for body control, with relaxation of the mind, it is a strong and highly medical herb. It will be used against all types of chronic pain, against loss of appetite, in case of muscle spasms, and nausea.

yoga, Panama Punch

Note that this strain does not contain CBD, but it is around 17.18% THC-A. Which makes it an exceptional strain with tropical scents, despite a frankly doubtful taste.

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