Trump Presidency Promotes Canadian Market

Trump Presidency Promotes Canadian Market

Canadian Marijuana Growers To Benefit From Trump's Presidency

In the United States, the last presidential elections have given Canadian cannabis growers a great advantage. Producers from the "Far North" are on the verge of dominating the global culture industry because of the victory of a Republican candidate ... President Trump claims to be in favor of medical marijuana at 100%, and will allow states to make individual decisions about marijuana. However, the likelihood that Republicans will remove the definition of Schedule 1 (cannabis considered a dangerous drug) in the near future is relatively low ...


This uniquely federal apprehension means that marijuana growers in the United States are subject to the muddy waters of a legal swamp, marijuana is not exportable beyond state borders, as it is not eligible. to federal tax. Meanwhile, in Canada, preparations are being made for the announcement of a fully legalized, recreational marijuana program, which is moreover sponsored by the federal government. Prime Minister Trudeau says official legislation will debut around the spring 2017. This will allow Canadian marijuana companies to grow exponentially.

Prime Minister Trudeau proposes full legalization in the spring 2017

A recent article in the Financial Post stated that Canada's MMJ system is the most sophisticated in the world. This is due to a number of factors, including the fact that Canada was the first country in the world to legalize medical marijuana by the federal government in 2001, so it had time to develop and foster growth for producers .

Canopy Growth

Participation in its programs around medical marijuana, gives the chance to companies like Canopy Growth to come out of the bowels of prohibition. As Canadian companies grow, they will also be able to hover over the US market and take advantage of lucrative opportunities. This could possibly include themarijuana export to the United States and possible expansion in the country itself.

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Bruce Linton, CEO and President of Canopy Growth, declares Marijuana Business Conference & Expo held this week in Las Vegas:


"There is no federal allowance [in the United States] and Trump has been very clear he is not in favor of access to recreation," he said of the benefits of cannabis production in Canada.

Linton added that the federal system approves their actions, which allows them to conduct clinical trials of cannabinoid-based drugs. Canopy can then apply for patents and copyrights at the federal level, and in Canada for medical discoveries.

Canopy Growth

“We can do it because we are resilient enough, because of the scope of our activities. We have the ability to protect intellectually, because in Canada it is considered a lawful activity. "

Donald J. Trump told Fox and Friends that he believes the United States "should never have allowed" Canada to gain independence. The President readily admits to being "a little rusty" about Canadian history, but is convinced that the United States owns Canada "at some point" and claims that giving it back was a "major mistake".


“It was a really horrible business. Canada gets Toronto and Vancouver, which has the hottest women, and what do we have? Alaska? Florida of Canada? Such a bad deal. Trump speaking of Canada ...

The President-elect is yet to fully put his cards on the table when it comes to federal marijuana reform, but the hope of the cannabis community is that progress will continue. If there's one thing Trump has shown us, it's that it's almost impossible to predict ...

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