Israeli pharmacies will sell medical cannabis


The April 20, 25 Israeli drug stores, including the country's first Super-Pharm franchise, will start selling prescription cannabis.

On April 20, some Israeli pharmacies will start selling prescription cannabis products. Twenty pharmacies will participate in the pilot program to regulate medical cannabis sales in Israel. This is the main component of the cannabis reform, led by the Ministry of Health. The government had already approved it in 2016.

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According to the Ministry of Health, 900 cannabis entrepreneurs have already applied for a permit to grow and process cannabis.

The obstacle course for obtaining medical cannabis

Obtaining a prescription for medical cannabis in Israel was a long and complex process. Indeed, it required the recommendation of a physician and the approval of a special committee. Thus, those who have obtained a prescription can only buy medical cannabis in a very few dispensaries. According to the new reform, Israeli doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis-based drugs. These will be sold in regular pharmacies and no longer in dispensaries.

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The establishment of a regulation

The Ministry of Health will act as regulator for the cannabis sector in Israel. He will oversee growers, processing facilities, distributors and pharmacies. So Israel intends to regulate cannabis-based pharmaceuticals according to the same strict guidelines governing the pharmaceutical industry, including regulations regarding labeling, shelf life and level of concentration of active ingredients. Thus, Israel could be the first country to fully standardize medical cannabis products.

The development of a local industry

"The cannabis industry in the United States and Europe is characterized by the lack of uniformity and standardization," said Sunday at Calcalist Tamir Gedo, CEO of BOL Pharma, an Israeli developer of cannabinoid pharmaceuticals.

BOL Pharma should launch the sale of its products on April 20.

“The lack of industry standards and regulations is preventing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from entering the cannabis field,” Gedo said, adding that the new reform is about to change. “There are more clinical trials for medical cannabis going on in Israel today than in the United States and Europe combined,” Gedo said. “This series of clinical trials could bring four to six new cannabis-based drugs to market. "

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