The pantheon of smokers for Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen

the pantheon of smokers for snoop dogg and seth rogen

The American talk show Kimmel Live has been the subject of a debate about who could appear on Mount Rushmore of Cannabis. Snoop Dogg has thus revealed who is the biggest weed smoker alive.

Mount Rushmore in the United States is famous for its sculpted portraits of the four most important presidents in American history. So to refer to Mount Rushmore for cannabis, is equivalent in France to wonder who could fit in the Pantheon of weed smokers.

Seth Rogen, one of the promoters of cannabis

It all started with the Jimmy Kimmel comedy show with actor Seth Rogen in early April. He tells how he found himself smoking a joint in front of Steven Spielberg.

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Rogen had just lit one, by the time the director of ET walked in front of him.

He tells:

I saw in his eyes that he must have said to himself "I would never make a film with this son of P ..."

Jimmy Kimmel assumes that Mount Rushmore of cannabis smokers would be made up of singer Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, actor Woody Harrelson, and Seth Rogen.

Seth Rogen confirmed that he probably smoked enough weed to deserve to be included.

The American actor regularly refers to his cannabis use in his films. He even devoted a comedy to this subject entitled "Pineapple Express" (named after a strain invented for the film).

The reaction of Snoop Dogg

A few days later, the American rapper was the guest of Kimmel Live to present his Gospel album.

Jimmy Kimmel thus evoked this idea of ​​Mount Rushmore of the joint smokers. He reminded Snoop Dogg that he had been assigned to attend.

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He asked who he would see appearing in this virtual “Pantheon”.

Bob Marley, replied Snoop Dogg

He also brought up singer Willie Nelson. He admitted that he was the only person who managed to smoke more than he did.

Seth Rogen, Willie Nelson, Mount Rushmore, cannabis, Snoop Dogg

Willie Nelson has launched his own brand of cannabis called Willie Nelson's Reserve. He was able to lift last January 12 million with investors.

Snoop Dogg also invested in the cannabis business and launched different products around cannabis.

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